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Top 100 Sikh Boy Names - 2013

Total 94 Top 100 Sikh Boy Names - 2013    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Veer Courageous, Warrior, Strong, Lightning, Thunder 5 Boy
Shaan Pride, Peaceful 7 Boy
Ajeet Successful, Unbeatable, Unconquerable (Ajeet) 5 Boy
Anup Without comparison, Incomparable, The best 7 Boy
Sandeep A lighted lamp, Brilliant, Ablaze 1 Boy
Harshit Beautiful, Friend, Colleague 11 Boy
Kabir Indian saint in 1440, Great, Famous sufi saint, Noble 5 Boy
Imaan Faith, Creed, Honesty, Belief, Truth honesty 2 Unisex
Harjeet Victorious' href='Girl-Names-for-Meaning-Victorious.aspx'>Victorious, Victor 4 Boy
Pritam Lover 5 Boy
Abhijeet Lord Krishna, One who is victorious (Abhijeet) 6 Boy
Anantjeet Endless victory 9 Boy
Yuvraj Prince, Heir apparent, Young 7 Boy
Ranveer Hero of the battle, Winner 11 Boy
Yashveer Glorious and brave 4 Boy
Mahavir Most courageous among men 9 Boy
Rajvir Brave king, The hero of the land, Kingdoms warrior 6 Boy
Ranjeet Victor in wars, Victorious 1 Boy
Jairaj Lord of victory, Brilliant 22 Boy
Mandeep Light of the mind, Light of sages 4 Boy
Tanvir Enlightened, Rays of light 3 Boy
Supreet Loving, Loved by everyone 5 Boy
Gurdeep Lamp of the Guru 4 Boy
Vishwaraj King of the world 3 Boy
Gurmeet Friend of the Guru 8 Boy
Baljeet Mighty victorious' href='Girl-Names-for-Meaning-victorious.aspx'>victorious, Might victor 1 Boy
Manjit Conqueror of the mind, Conqueror of knowledge 22 Boy
Vijayant Victor, Name of Lord Indra 3 Boy
Gulzar Rose garden, Inhabited town, Flourishing 4 Boy
Jagjeet Winner of the world 22 Boy
Jaiteg Victory with sword 7 Boy
Karanvir Brave and kind like the warrior Karan 4 Boy
Harpreet Lover of God 1 Boy
Harman Everybodys beloved 1 Boy
Gurpreet Love of Guru, Gurus Love 11 Girl
Charanjeet One who has won over the Lord (Charanjeet) 4 Boy
Randeep The hero of the battle 9 Boy
Dilshaan Glory of heart 5 Boy
Gurkiran Light from the Guru 9 Girl
Indrajit Conqueror of Lord Indra, One who got victory over Lord Indra 4 Boy
Gurjeet Victory of the Guru, Triumph of the Guru 5 Girl
Harjyot Light of the God 7 Boy
Ekbir Only brave 9 Boy
Jaideep Victory of light 5 Boy
Amanveer Strength of peace, The one who fights for peace 7 Boy
Navjot The new light, Always bright 1 Boy
Navpreet New Love 11 Boy
Tarandeep Lamp of redemption, Swim, Ferry across 3 Boy
Akshdeep The lamp of light in the Sky 6 Boy
Sukhdev God of happiness 9 Boy
Samardeep Reside, Pervade 1 Boy
Ishmeet Friend of God 7 Boy
Kawaljeet Singer of victory 7 Boy
Tejbir The glory of the brave one, Brave and splendour 1 Boy
Surjit Conqueror of the Suras, Victorious devotee 7 Boy
Armeet Friend of An enemy 8 Boy
Abhaidev Free of fear 7 Boy
Arijeet Conqueror of enemies 5 Boy
Amarjot The immortal light 6 Boy
Tejasvir Glorious hero 5 Boy
Taranvir Warrior of redemption 4 Boy
Ekjot God is one 7 Boy
Digpal Protector of all directions 4 Boy
Kuljeet The god-like person of the family, Victory of house 3 Boy
Nirbaan Nirvana 5 Boy
Satyajeet One who conquers the truth, Victory of truth 7 Boy
Navkiran New The Sunrays of motivation 9 Boy
Parambir The greatest warrior, Supreme hero 6 Boy
Dilmeet Friend of heart 5 Boy
Virpal Heroic protector, Protector of the brave 6 Boy
Amoljot Priceless light 5 Boy
Balbeer Mighty and brave, Strong 9 Boy
Raspreet One who drinks the elixir of naam 3 Boy
Hardeet Given by God 7 Boy
Satnam One accepting gods being as true 5 Boy
Yashjeet Glorious victory 3 Boy
Zaibjeet Victory of beauty 6 Boy
Hardhyan The one absorbed in the Lord 7 Boy
Parmit Wisdom, Friend of the supreme 5 Boy
Jasneet Good intentions rewarded with gods grace 2 Boy
Tarunjeet Victory of the youthfulness 6 Boy
Narleet Imbued with king 3 Boy
Gurchet One who remains aware of gurus word 1 Boy
Yashpaal Protector of fame 11 Boy
Uttamjodh The exalted warrior 4 Boy
Jaskirpal Glory of the kind God 7 Boy
Trishanjot Light of craving 8 Boy
Udaijeet Rising victory 3 Boy
Uditpreet Shinning Love 1 Boy
Uttamdeep Light of the best 6 Boy
Devpreet Love for God 5 Boy
Vanjeet Lord of the forest 5 Boy
Rajmeet Kind king 9 Boy
Gyanjeet Victory of knowledge 6 Boy
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