Names of Lord Shiva

466 Indian Baby Boy Names Found For Lord Shiva

AbhavLord Shiva3.0Add
AbhiraamLord Shiva, The most handsome, Pleasing, Giver of pleasure4.0Add
AbinayLord Shiva4.0Add
AcalesvaraGod of the immovable, Another Name of Lord Shiva5.5Add
AchintyaBeyond comprehension3.5Add
Akshaya GunaOf limitless attributes, A Name of Lord Shiva5.0Add
AkulA Name of Lord Shiva3.0Add
AmbikapathiLord Shiva5.5Add
AmrutheswarName of Lord Shiva5.5Add
AnamayaAnother Name of Lord Shiva4.0Add
AniketHomeless, Lord Shiva4.0Add
AnnuabhujLord Shiva5.5Add
ArhaLord Shiva2.5Add
ArihantOne who has killed his enemies4.0Add
AshutoshLord Shiva, Who is easily pleased4.0Add
AsidhanLord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Satturn of shani4.0Add
AvaneshLord Shiva4.0Add
AvyayaLord Shiv3.5Add
AyavanthLord Shiva4.0Add
Bala ShankarYoung Lord Shiva5.0Add
BavyeshLord Shiva3.5Add
BhadrakapilLord Shiva5.5Add
BhadreshLord Shiva3.5Add
BhairavLord Shiva3.0Add
BhargavLord Shiva3.5Add
BhargavaLord Shiva3.5Add
BhavLord Shiva2.0Add
Bhavani SankarParvati's and Shiva6.0Add
BhavyeshLord Shiva3.5Add
BholanathLord Shiva4.0Add
BhushanaGod Shankar or Lord Shiva3.0Add
BijeshLord Shiva3.0Add
BrihadeeshLord Shiva4.5Add
ChandrachurLord Shiva4.5Add
ChandramauliLord Shiva4.5Add
ChandrashekarOne who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva5.5Add
ChandrashekaraLord Shiva6.0Add
ChandrashekharOne who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva5.5Add
ChandrpeedName of Lord Shiva4.0Add
ChatreshLord Shiva3.5Add
ChidanandaLord Shiva4.0Add
DaksheshLord Shiva3.0Add
DaksheshwarLord Shiva4.5Add
DakshithLord Shiva3.0Add
DarpadLord Shiva3.5Add
DayashankarMerciful Lord Shiva5.0Add
DehabhujAnother Name of Lord Shiva4.0Add
Dev NarenLord Shiva5.0Add
DeveshwarLord Shiva4.5Add
DhaksheshLord Shiva3.0Add
DhanvinLord Shiva3.5Add
DhroneshwarDronacharya & Shiva5.0Add
DoondiLord Shiva2.0Add
Dyu ManiLord Shiva3.5Add
DyumaniLord Shiva4.0Add
EeshanLord Shiva3.0Add
EkakshOne eyed, Shiva3.0Add
EkakshaLord Shiva3.0Add
EkalingName of Lord Shiva4.0Add
EkalingaName of Lord Shiva4.0Add
EkapadLord Shiva4.0Add
EshaanLord Shiva, Lord Sun or north-east direction3.0Add
EshwarLord Shiva3.5Add
EswarLord Shiva3.5Add
EthirajLord Shiva4.0Add
FanibhusanLord Shiva5.0Add
FanibhushanLord Shiva5.0Add
GagneshLord Shiva3.5Add
GanaLord Shiva2.0Add
GangadharHolding the Ganga, Lord Shiva4.0Add
GangadharaLord Shiva4.0Add
GangeshLord Shiva3.0Add
GaureeshLord Shiva Shiva's other Name3.0Add
GaureshA Name of Lord Shiva3.0Add
GaurikantHusband of Gauri (Lord Shiva)4.0Add
GaurinathLord Shiva4.0Add
GaurishLord Shiva3.0Add
GirikLord Shiva3.0Add
GirindraLord Shiva4.0Add
GorakshLord Shiva3.0Add
GoravLord Shiva3.0Add
GurishLord Shiva3.0Add
Gyan KarthikLord Shiva5.5Add
HajeshLord Shiva3.0Add
HanishLord Shiva3.0Add
HarName of Lord Shiva2.0Add
HaranLord Shiva3.0Add
HareendraLord Shiva4.0Add
HareeshLord Shiva3.0Add
HarendraLord Shiva4.0Add
HareshLord Shiva3.0Add
HariaksaLord Shiva4.5Add
HariakshLord Shiva4.0Add
HariharVishnu and Shiva together4.0Add
HarinakshLord Shiva4.0Add
HarishLord Shiva3.0Add
HarishankarLord Shiva5.0Add
HavishLord Shiva3.0Add

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