Names of Lord Murugan

108 Indian Baby Boy Names Found For Lord Murugan

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AkshagnaLord Murugan4.0Add
AnanthanName of Lord Murugan4.0Add
ArumuganLord Murugan5.0Add
ArumukhanLord Murugan5.0Add
BahuleyanLord Murugan5.0Add
Bala MuruganYoung Lord Murugan6.0Add
Bala SubramanianLord Murugan8.5Add
BalamuruganLord murugan's childhood Name was called balamurugan6.0Add
ChevatkodiyonLord Murugan5.5Add
DheeshithanLord Murugan Name4.0Add
DivinanthanLord Murugan5.5Add
DuraimuruganLord Murugan6.0Add
GangasiruvanLord Murugan6.5Add
GangeyanLord Murugan4.5Add
Gnana PanditanLord Murugan7.0Add
GuhanName of Lord Murugan3.0Add
IlamuruguYoung Lord Murugan5.0Add
KadambanLord Murugan4.0Add
KarteekOther Name of Murugan3.5Add
KarthickLord Murugan3.5Add
KarthikLord Murugan3.5Add
KarthikeyaLord Murugan4.5Add
KarthikeyanLord Murugan5.5Add
KirthikGod Murugan, Nakshatra3.5Add
KiruthickLord Murugan4.5Add
KiruthikLord Murugan4.0Add
KozhikkodiyonLord Murugan13.0Add
KrithickLord Murugan4.0Add
KrithikShiva's son Murugan Name3.5Add
KugapriyanLord Murugan5.5Add
KumaranLord muraga, Son of Shivan4.0Add
KumarappanLord Murugan5.5Add
KumaraswamiLord Murugan5.5Add
KumaravelLord Murugan5.0Add
KumaresanLord Murugan5.0Add
KumareshanLord Murugan5.0Add
ManoharanLord Murugan5.0Add
Mayil VahananLord Murugan8.0Add
Mayon MaruganLord Murugan7.0Add
MruganIt’s taken from Murugan, Which means God Kartikeya3.0Add
Muruga VelLord Murugan5.0Add
MurugappanLord Murugan5.5Add
MurugeshLord Murugan4.0Add
MuruguLord Murugan Name, Youth, Handsome3.0Add
MuthuvelanLord Murugan5.0Add
Muttu KumaraswamiLord Murugan9.0Add
Muttuk KumaranLord Murugan8.5Add
NimalanLord Murugan Name4.0Add
Palani KumarAnother Name of Lord Murugan6.0Add
Palani MuruganAnother Name of Lord Murugan7.0Add
PalaniappanAnother Name of Lord Murugan6.5Add
PalanisamiAnother Name of Lord Murugan5.0Add
PalanivelAnother Name of Lord Murugan5.0Add
PazhanandavarLord Murugan7.0Add
PazhanappanLord Murugan6.0Add
RajavelLord Murugan4.0Add
Sangat TalaivanLord Murugan8.0Add
SaravananLord Murugan5.0Add
SarvanLord Murugan3.5Add
SarvanavelAnother Name of Lord Murugan5.5Add
SavendranLord Murugan5.0Add
ScandaLord Murugan2.5Add
Senaik KapponLord Murugan6.5Add
SenapatiLord Murugan4.0Add
SendanLord Murugan3.5Add
SendhilLord Murugan3.0Add
SendhilnathanLord Murugan6.0Add
Senthil KumarLord Murugan, Always youth7.5Add
Senthil VadivelanLord Murugan9.5Add
SevarkodiyonLord Murugan6.5Add
SevvelLord Murugan3.5Add
SeyonLord Murugan3.0Add
Shanmukha NathanLord Murugan6.5Add
Shanmukha SundaramLord Murugan8.0Add
Shanmukha VadivelanLord Murugan8.5Add
Shanmukha VelanLord Murugan7.5Add
ShanmukhanLord Murugan4.5Add
ShastiLord Murugan2.5Add
ShikivahanarLord Murugan6.0Add
Shiva KumaranLord Shiva or auspicious or Lucky6.0Add
ShringaravelanLord Murugan7.0Add
SiddhanLord Murugan2.5Add
SiddharthanLord Murugan5.0Add
SilambanLord Murugan4.0Add
SingaravelanLord Murugan6.0Add
SubrahmaniyanLord Murugan7.0Add
SubramaniLord Murugan4.5Add
SuhanthanLord Murugan4.0Add
Sundara ShanmukhanLord Murugan8.5Add
Sundara VadivelanLord Murugan8.0Add
SundaravelLord Murugan5.0Add
Sur PakaivanLord Murugan7.0Add
SuresanLord Murugan4.0Add
SwaminathanLord Murugan in the temple of swamimalai near kumbakonam5.5Add
ThangavelLord Murugan, God4.0Add
ThanikachalamLord Murugan6.0Add
Tharakar SerronLord Murugan7.5Add

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