Names of Lord Hanuman

57 Indian Baby Boy Names Found For Lord Hanuman

AnjaneyaLord Hanuman4.5Add
BajrangA Name of Lord Hanuman4.0Add
BajrangbaliWith strength of diamond, Lord Hanuman6.0Add
BalvantOf immense strength, Lord Hanuman, Full of might4.0Add
BalwantOf immense strength, Lord Hanuman, Full of might4.0Add
DantaCalm, A Name of Lord Hanuman2.0Add
HanumanThe monkey God of Ramayana4.0Add
HanumantThe monkey God of Ramayana4.0Add
HanumantaThe monkey God of Ramayana4.0Add
HanumanthThe monkey God of Ramayana4.0Add
IrajLord Hanuman3.0Add
IriHanuman, Son of wind God2.0Add
JaikapeeshHail monkey God4.0Add
JyanshuName of Lord Hanuman2.5Add
KanchanabhaGolden hued body4.0Add
KapeeshLord Hanuman3.0Add
KapeeshwarLord of monkeys4.5Add
KapishLord Hanuman3.0Add
KesarinandanSon of Kesari6.0Add
KesarisutSon of Kesari5.0Add
KeshtoLord Hanuman2.5Add
LokapujyaWorshipped by the universe, A Name of Lord Hanuman4.5Add
MahaduthMost radiant (Lord Hanuman)4.0Add
MahakayaGigantic, Lord Hanuman4.0Add
ManojavamLord Hanuman5.0Add
MaruthiName of Lord Hanuman3.0Add
MarutiLord Hanuman3.0Add
PanchavaktraFive faced, Lord Hanuman5.0Add
Pavan KumarBheem, Hanuman son of the wind6.0Add
Pavan TejaLord Hanuman5.0Add
PavanajLord Hanuman4.0Add
PavaniLord Hanuman3.0Add
PavanputraSon of wind (Hanuman)5.0Add
PavansutSon of wind (Hanuman)5.0Add
PavansutaVayu putra which means Lord Hanuman5.0Add
PrabhavePopular Lord, Lord Hanuman3.5Add
RamabhaktaDevoted to Rama, Lord Hanuman5.0Add
RamadhutaAmbassador of Rama, Lord Hanuman4.0Add
RamadutLord Hanuman4.0Add
SagarotharakaOne who leapt across the ocean, Lord Hanuman6.0Add
SanehiBeloved. Hanuman Stuti3.0Add
SanjeevananagahatreBearer of sanjeevini mount, Lord Hanuman8.5Add
SanjeevarayaLord Hanuman5.0Add
SanjeeviLord Hanuman3.0Add
Satya TejaSai baba's and hanuman's Name5.5Add
ShrimateRevered, Lord Hanuman3.5Add
SitaramapadaAlways engrossed in Rama's service, Lord Hanuman6.0Add
SripradLord Hanuman4.0Add
VajrakayaSturdy like metal, Lord Hanuman4.5Add
VajrakshSturdy like metal or Lord Hanuman3.5Add
VajrakshaSturdy like metal or Lord Hanuman3.5Add
VatatmajLord Hanuman4.5Add
VayujatLord Hanuman4.0Add
VayunandLord Hanuman4.0Add
VijitendriyaController of the senses, Lord Hanuman6.0Add

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