Names of Lord Brahma

26 Indian Baby Boy Names Found For Lord Brahma

AbjayoniBorn of the lotus, Another Name of Lord Brahma4.5Add
ChidakashAbsolute Brahma4.0Add
ChidanandLord Brahma4.0Add
DaxeshLord Brahma3.0Add
JaipalLord Brahma4.0Add
KamalajLord Brahma4.0Add
KanjLord Brahma2.0Add
NabhijLord Brahma3.5Add
PadmajLord Brahma3.5Add
PadmapaniLord Brahma4.5Add
PadmayaniLord Brahma, Buddha4.5Add
PrajeshLord Brahma3.5Add
PranadLord Vishnu, Lord Brahma3.5Add
RayirthLord Brahma3.5Add
RiyaarthLord Brahma3.5Add
SachchitLord Brahma3.5Add
SanatLord Brahma3.0Add
SarojinLord Brahma4.0Add
SthavirLord Brahma3.5Add
SvayambhuLord Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva3.5Add
VagishGod of speech Lord Brahma3.0Add
VedhasBrahma Vishnu Mahesh3.0Add
ViranchiName of Lord Brahma3.0Add
VirinchiLord Brahma3.0Add
VishvagLord Brahma3.5Add

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