Names of Goddess Durga

151 Indian Baby Girl Names Found For Goddess Durga

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AadyaOne of the Names of Goddess Durga2.5Add
AdhyayGoddess Durga3.5Add
Adi ShaktiGoddess Durga4.5Add
AinginiGoddess Durga3.5Add
AishaniGoddess Durga3.0Add
AmbaGoddess Durga2.0Add
AmbiGoddess Amba (Goddess Durga)2.0Add
AnikaGoddess Durga3.5Add
AnnadaGoddess Durga3.0Add
AnnikaGoddess Durga3.5Add
AnvieGoddess Durga ‘s Name3.5Add
AnwitaGoddess Durga3.5Add
ArnikaGoddess Durga3.5Add
AryahiGoddess Durga3.5Add
AshreeOne of the Names of Goddess Durga2.5Add
AwaniDevotee of Goddess Durga3.0Add
BairaviGoddess Durga, Music3.0Add
BaruniGoddess Durga3.0Add
BavanyaGoddess Durga3.5Add
BhagavatiGoddess Durga4.0Add
BhagwatiGoddess Durga4.0Add
BheemaGoddess Durga2.0Add
BraahmiGoddess Durga3.0Add
DakshayaniGoddess Durga4.0Add
DeeherDee means Durga her means Shiv Shiva's strength3.0Add
DeveshiGoddess Durga3.0Add
DevesiChief among the Goddess, Durga3.0Add
DigambariGoddess Durga4.5Add
Durga DeviGoddess Durga4.5Add
EkaaGoddess Durga2.0Add
EkaparnikaGoddess Durga5.5Add
EshniName of Goddess Durga3.0Add
GangiGoddess Durga2.0Add
HyndhaviGoddess Durga8.0Add
IshiGoddess Durga2.0Add
JagadambikaGoddess Durga5.5Add
JaganmohiniGoddess Durga6.0Add
JayaGoddess Durga2.0Add
JayalalitaVictorious Goddess Durga5.0Add
JayalalithaVictorious Goddess durgaji5.0Add
JayantikaGoddess Durga, Parvati4.0Add
JyotsanaGoddess Durga4.0Add
KalkaDurga, Pupil if the eye3.0Add
KamakyaDurga, Granter of wishes3.5Add
KapaliniAnother Name of Durga4.0Add
KaralikaDurga, That which tears4.0Add
KaushikiDurga, Enveloped with silk3.0Add
KautiryaDurga, One who resides in a hut3.5Add
KiratiGoddess Durga2.5Add
KousumiGoddess Durga4.0Add
KshemaGoddess Durga2.0Add
KshemyaGoddess Durga2.5Add
KujaGoddess Durga2.0Add
LeelavathiPlayful or Goddess Durga4.0Add
LeelavatiPlayful, Goddess Durga4.0Add
LilavatiGoddess Durga4.0Add
MahagauriGoddess Durga4.0Add
MahakaliGoddess Durga4.0Add
MahamayaGoddess Durga4.0Add
MaheshwariGoddess Durga4.5Add
ManasviniDurga, Proud, Good4.5Add
MatangiGoddess Durga3.0Add
MitakshiGoddess Durga3.0Add
MonikaDurga Goddess3.0Add
NanadanaDaughter, Goddess Durga, Great achiever4.0Add
NavadurgaAll nine forms of Durga4.5Add
NiranjanaName of a river, Goddess Durga, The night of the full Moon4.0Add
NoboyaName of Goddess Durga3.0Add
ParameshwariGoddess Durga5.5Add
ParvatiGoddess Durga3.5Add
PatalaGoddess Durga3.0Add
PingaGoddess Durga2.0Add
PinglaGoddess Durga3.0Add
PragalbhaGoddess Durga4.5Add
PuralaDurga, Guardian of fortresses3.0Add
RagajananiGoddess Durga, Musical related Name and heart5.0Add
ReemaGoddess Durga, White antelope2.0Add
RimaGoddess Durga, White antelope2.0Add
RootraDurga Devi2.5Add
Rudra PriyaGoddess Durga5.0Add
RudrabhiraviGoddess Durga5.5Add
RudrakaliGoddess Durga4.5Add
RudrapriyaGoddess Durga5.0Add
SadabhujaGoddess Durga4.0Add
SamanvitaName of Goddess Durga4.5Add
SamyuktaGoddess Durga3.5Add
SanataniGoddess Durga4.0Add
SantatiGranter of issues, Goddess Durga3.0Add
SarbaniGoddess Durga3.5Add
SarvagjnaGoddess Durga5.0Add
SarvaniDurga, Universal, Complete4.0Add
SasthiGoddess Durga2.5Add
SathvikaGoddess Durga3.5Add
SattvikiDurga, True, Pure, Honest4.0Add
SatvikaGoddess Durga3.5Add
SatvikiGoddess Durga3.5Add
SaumyaaGoddess Durga2.5Add
SauryaGoddess Durga2.5Add

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