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No variant names found for name: Rabhya

Name Numerology

Similar names for Rabhya

Name Meaning Numerology
Rab Lord, Master one of the nam 3
Rabah Gainer 3
Rabbiya Cool breeze of spring season 4
Rabee Spring 22
Rabeea Garden 5
Rabhya Worshipped 1
Rabi Spring, Breeze 3
Rabia Famous, Godly 22
Rabiah Greenery 3
Rabih Winner, Gainer 11
Rabiya Spring, Springtime, Garden 11
Rabwa Hill 9
Rayappa Strong Man 6
Rebha Sings praises 7
Ribha Favorite of the devotees, Lord Shiva 11
Ripa Master of the mountains 8
Ripu 1
Robbie Abbreviation of robert famed: bright: shining 6
Roobi Ruby, Pearl 5
Roop Look 1
Roopa Blessed with beauty 11
Ruba Pl of rubwa, Rabwa, Hill 6
Rubay A companion of the prophet (Pbuh) from her young age 22
Rubi Ruby 5
Rubiya Spring season 4
Ruby Red stone 3
Rupa Beauty, Silver 2
Rupi Beauty 1



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