Meaning, Gender, Rashi and Nakshatra of the name Kasi



Meaning :
Devotional place, Pilgrimage spot, Varanasi, The holy city Suggest meaning
Gender :
Numerology :
Syllables :
Religion :
Rashi :
Mithun (K, CHH, GH, Q, C)
Nakshatra :
Mrigashiras (Ve, Vo, Ka, Ki, Be, Bo)
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Variant names for name Kasi

Name Numerology
Kaashi 22
Kashi 3
Kasi 4

Similar names for Kasi

Name Meaning Numerology
Ghaazi Conqueror 7
Ghaiyyas Helper, Reliever, Winner 5
Ghaus Help, Aid, Rescue, Succor 2
Ghazi Conqueror 6
Ghaziya Female warrior 5
Ghaziyah Female warrior 4
Ghuzayyah A narrator of Hadith 5
Kas Glass 4
Kasi Devotional place, Pilgrimage spot, Varanasi, The holy city 4
Kaysah A narrator of Hadith 2
Kazi Judge 2
Kesu Lord Krishna 11
Khawwas To be filled with food name 5
Khus Happy 5
Khusi Happiness, Smile 5
Kiswa Cover of kaba 9
Kosi Name of a river starts in Bihar 9
Kowaisah Handsome, Pretty, Name of a 6
Kuwaysah Pretty 1
Qays Firm 8
Qazi Judge, Justice 8
Qusay Distant 2




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