Meaning of Veerbhadra



Meaning :
The ashwamedha horse Suggest meaning
Gender :
Numerology :
Syllables :
Religion :
Rashi :
Vrishabha (B, V, U, W)
Nakshatra :
Mrigashiras (Ve, Vo, Ka, Ki, Be, Bo)
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Similar names for Veerbhadra

Name Meaning Numerology
Farbod Right, Orthodox 1
Veerabhadra Supreme Lord of the nether world, Lord Shiva 4
Veerabhadran Lord Shiva, Veera - brave + Bhadra - auspicious, Fortunate, Wealthy, An epithet of Shiva, Name of one of the 12 sons of Vishnu, Name of the son of Vasudev and Devaki, Gracious, Handsome, Excellent 9
Veerabhadrappa 1
Veerbhadra The ashwamedha horse 3
Virabhadra Supreme Lord of the nether world, Lord Shiva 3
Virbhadra The ashwamedha horse 11
Virbhadrasinh 7

Variant names for name Veerbhadra

Name Numerology
Veerbhadra 3