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Beautiful, Companion of prophet (Saw) Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Sarrinah

Name Meaning Numerology
Sarani The earth, Protector, Guardian 8
Saranya Surrendered 7
Sarina Serene, Tranquil 8
Sarnia Breeze, Air, Companion, Friend of the night 8
Sarojni Lotus pond, Having lotuses 5
Sarrinah Beautiful, Companion of prophet (Saw) 7
Sarwana Of generous and good nature 5
Serena Quiet 8
Sirania 8
Sireen A narrator of Hadith from the prophet (Saw), Another narrator of Hadith by the same name was the sister of mariah al-qabtiyah, Al-maqooqus of egypt 7
Srayana 7
Sriani 7
Srinaya 6
Surani River in heaven 1
Suranya 9
Surina A Goddess, Wise 1
Suryani Wife of the Sun 8
Swarana Prayer of God 5
Swarn Golden 3
Swarna Gold 22
Swarni Gold 3
Zareen Full of expression and smile, Golden 6
Zareena Golden 7
Zareenah A companion of prophet (Saw) 6
Zarin Full of expression and smile, Golden 5
Zarina Golden 6
Zarna A small stream of sweet water 6
Zerina Princess, Smart, Intelligent 1

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