Meaning of Aghat



Meaning :
Destroyer of sin Suggest meaning
Gender :
Numerology :
Syllables :
Religion :
Rashi :
Mesha (A, L, E, I, O)
Nakshatra :
Krithika (A, Ee, U, EA, I, E)
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Similar names for Aghat

Name Meaning Numerology
Aghat Destroyer of sin 1
Augadh One who revels all the time 6
Eckjeet The only victorious 5
Ekadyu Supreme Sky, Sky, Best, A scholar in the Rig Veda 22
Ekjit Victorious one 1
Ekjot God is one 7
Ikjeet Gods victory 6
Waqid Companion of the prophet (Pbuh) 9
Waqqad Sharp-minded, Wise 9
Yaquta Ruby stone 22
Yukt Prosperous, Yoked, United, Attentive, Skilful, Clever, Proper 5

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