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Meaning :
Infinite from Adi to ant, From begining to end Suggest meaning
Gender :
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Syllables :
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Rashi :
Mesha (A, L, E, I, O)
Nakshatra :
Krithika (A, Ee, U, EA, I, E)
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Name Numerology

Similar names for Adyant

Name Meaning Numerology
Aadyant Infinite from beginning (Aadi) to end ant 3
Adyant Infinite from Adi to ant, From begining to end 2
Atinder Patani 8
Atinderjeet God's triumph 3
Ednit Evolved, Developed 7
Ednita Evolved , developed , evolved 8
Idhant Luminous , one who spreads light , wonderful 11
Udanda Nemesis of evils and vices 9
Udant Correct message 6
Udantika Satisfaction 9
Uddanda Nemesis of evils and vices 22
Wedant The scriptures, Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas, One who knows all, Hindu philosophy or ultimate wisdom, King of all 22
Yaadinder God's remembrance 9
Yadwinder Trust, Belief 4
Yateendra Sanyasi, Lord Indra 3
Yatindra Sanyasi, Lord Indra 11
Yedhant Brightness 5