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Meaning :
Honoured, Noble, Worshipped Suggest meaning
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Rashi :
Mesha (A, L, E, I, O)
Nakshatra :
Krithika (A, Ee, U, EA, I, E)
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No variant names found for name: Aaria

Name Numerology

Similar names for Aaria

Name Meaning Numerology
Aairah Noble, Respectful 11
Aar Light bringer 11
Aara Light bringer 3
Aaria Honoured, Noble, Worshipped 3
Aarya Goddess Parvati, Durga, A noble lady 1
Aarya  Goddess 1
Aaryaa Goddess Parvati, Durga, A noble lady 2
Aighar She was a religious, Righteous woman 8
Aira The beginning, The principle, The breathe of life 2
Ara Ornament, Decoration 11
Araiya Divine, Beautiful 1
Arawo Female mountain goat 22
Arha Lord Shiva 1
Aria A melody 2
Aru The Sun 4
Arwa Female mountain goat 7
Arya Honored, Noble, Goddess Parvati 9
Aryaa Honored, Noble, Goddess Parvati 1
Aura Air, Breeze, Wind 5
Ayra Respectable 9
Eira Snow 6
Era In Hindi Yug, Earth, Muse 6
Ira In Hindi Yug, Earth, Muse 1
Iraa Pleasing 2
Iri Another name of Lord Hanuman 9
Irya Powerful 8
Ori Charitable king 6
Orwiya Female mountain goat 1
Ura The heart 4
Urwah Hand held, Support 8
Yar Friend 8
Yara The bright light 9
Yarah Warm 8
Yawar Helping 5
Yawer Helper 9