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Vrishabha Rashi Names For Boy

Total 1484 Hindu Boy Names For 'Vrishabha' Rashi Found    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Vivaan Lord Krishna, Full of life, Rays of the morning Sun 6 Boy
Vahin Lord Shiva, Vahin 9 Boy
Vaibhav Richness, Power, Eminence 11 Boy
Vihaan Morning, Dawn 1 Boy
Ved Sacred knowledge, Riches, Precious, Four philosophical scriptures underlying hinduism 4 Boy
Vansh Cane, Bamboo, Backbone, Lineage, Coming generation of father 1 Boy
Vivan Lord Krishna, Full of life, Rays of the morning Sun 5 Boy
Viraaj Biggest in universe, The Sun or the king, Resplendent, Splendor, Ruler, Beauty, Brilliant, Excellence, Majesty, Another name for Agni and Buddha, Pure 7 Unisex
Veda Pious, Writing of the aryans, Devout, Celebrated, Worthy 5 Unisex
Vedant The scriptures, Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas, theology, Absolute truth, Hindu philosophy or ultimate wisdom, King of all 3 Boy
Veer Courageous, Warrior, Strong, Lightning, Thunder 5 Boy
Vrisha Cow 5 Unisex
Banshi Flute 8 Boy
Bali Mighty warrior, Brave, Powerful, Strength, Offering 6 Boy
Vidhu Lord Vishnu, Intelligent 1 Boy
Bansi Flute 9 Boy
Vedi Science, Knowledge, Another name of sarasvatee, Learned, Teacher 22 Unisex
Vasu Brilliance, Wealth, Light, Brilliance, Prosperous, Best, Precious 9 Boy
Veni Braided hair, Name of a river, Stream, Bridge, The confluence of rivers 5 Boy
Vibhu All pervading 8 Boy
Vrisa Lord Krishna, Cow 6 Boy
Vel Lord Murugan, A divine javelin spear associated with Hindu war God Karthikeya 3 Boy
Viju Winner 8 Boy
Vrish A strong person, Bull of Lord Shiva, A zodiac sign, Male, Virile, Strong, Best, Taurus strong 4 Boy
Vish Poison 22 Boy
Vishu Lord Vishnu; Poison; Earth 7 Boy
Wali Governor, Protector 9 Boy
Banke Lord Krishna, Bent in three places 6 Boy
Viyaan Artist, Special knowledge 9 Boy
Varun Lord of the waters, Neptune, All enveloping Sky, A vedic God regarded as the supreme deity, He is seen as upholding heaven and earth and guarding immortality 22 Boy
Vibhav Friend, One who look after and take care of whole universe, Another name of Lord Vishnu, Glorious, Power, Riches, Property, Omnipresence, Magnanimity 1 Boy
Vihan Morning, Dawn 9 Boy
Vasava Lord Indra, Belonging to Indra, Name of Indra, Accompanied by the vasus, Related to vasus, Name of Shiva 3 Boy
Virat Massive, Very big, Giant proportioned, Majestic 7 Boy
Viren Lord of warriors 5 Boy
Umesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Uma 3 Boy
Uday To rise, Blue lotus 6 Boy
Vamshi Flute of Lord Krishna 9 Boy
Vyom Sky 3 Boy
Vrishank Lord Shiva, Without any sin 3 Boy
Vraj Place of Lord Krishna 6 Boy
Vedik Consciousness, Altar, Name of a river in india 6 Boy
Vinay Good manners, Decency, Restraint 8 Boy
Barun Lord of the waters, Neptune, All enveloping Sky, A vedic God regarded as the supreme deity, He is seen as upholding heaven and earth and guarding immortality 2 Boy
Varshit Rain, Strong, Potent 7 Boy
Viyan Artist, Special knowledge 8 Boy
Vihang A bird 7 Boy
Viransh Just like strong, (Mahavir Swami Ansh) 1 Boy
Vidhan Rules & regulation 4 Boy
Baneet Wished for, Loved, Desired 2 Boy
Vinesh Godly, Pious 5 Boy
Varshil Good boy 8 Boy
Vadish Lord of the body 9 Boy
Vakul Flower, Clever, Patient, Circumspect, Attentive, Another name for Shiva (Son of Vakula Devi) 4 Boy
Vihas Lord Krishna, Smile, Gentle laugh 5 Boy
Vineet Knowledge, Venus, Unassuming 3 Boy
Vishant Another name of Lord Vishnu 3 Boy
Varish Lord Vishnu, Sleeping on the ocean, Name of Vishnu 5 Boy
Vivek Judgment, Discernment, Knowledge, Reason, Conscience 6 Boy
Vikash Development, Expanding, Light, Brilliance, To appear, Progress, Cheer 7 Boy
Vibhuti Great personality 1 Unisex
Vipul Plenty, Abundance, Powerful 8 Boy
Veekshit Brave 9 Boy
Udit Grown, Awakened, Shining 9 Boy
Brij Place of Lord Krishna, Strength, To twist, To leave 3 Boy
Balan Youthful 3 Boy
Varya Treasure, Valuable, Illustrious, Excellent, Another name for the Love God Kaama 22 Unisex
Vadin Known lecturer 5 Boy
Vanij Lord Shiva, Merchant, The zodiac sign of libra, Another name for Shiva 2 Boy
Vishva Earth, Universe 9 Unisex
Vedhas Related to Veda ancient original books of Hindu, Brahma Lord Vishnu Mahesh, Worthy, Courageous, Wise, Learned, Religious, Creator, Disposer, Brahma 5 Boy
Bijesh Lord Shiva, Lord of victory 8 Boy
Vedang From the Vedas, One of six sciences chanting, Ritual, Grammar, Vocabulary, Speech interpretation grammar 8 Boy
Vandan Salutation, Worship, Praise 2 Boy
Vyan Air circulating in the body, Life giving 8 Boy
Vedan Part of the sacred knowledge 1 Boy
Vipin Forest (Vipin), Glorious, Providing refuge 7 Boy
Vikesh The Moon 11 Boy
Udar Generous 8 Boy
Vijeesh Lord Shiva, Lord of victory 6 Boy
Braj Place of Lord Krishna 4 Boy
Varsheet Rain, Strong, Potent 8 Boy
Vana Intelligence 11 Boy
Vijesh Victory 1 Boy
Viyom Sky 3 Boy
Vans Cane, Bamboo, Backbone, Lineage, Coming generation of father 11 Boy
Venu Flute 8 Boy
Vedesh Lord of Vedas 9 Boy
Vasant Spring season, Happy, Rich, Generous, Spring 5 Boy
Valak A crane 11 Boy
Vasav An epithet of Lord Indra 11 Boy
Velan Another name of Lord Murugan 9 Boy
Vedish Lord of Vedas a Hindu mythologys detail knowledge, Lord of the wise, Another name for Brahma 4 Boy
Vidhant Honors 6 Boy
Baran Noble Man 9 Boy
Veera Brave, Heroic, Wise, Pahlavi 6 Boy
Vrushank Rushimuni 6 Boy
Vidun Beautiful 7 Boy
Vidhesh Foreign land or Lord Shiva 3 Boy
Bandish Binding, Attach together 3 Boy
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