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700 Hindu Boy Names Found Starting With 'V'

Baby names starting with: V  Va  Ve  Vi  Vo  Vu  
VaasavadattaA Name in Sanskrit classics5.5Add
VachaspatiLord of speech4.5Add
VadinKnown lecturer3.0Add
VadishLord of the body3.0Add
VadivelLord Murugan4.0Add
VadivelanLord Murugan5.0Add
Vadivelu 4.0Add
VagadheekshaLord of spokesmen4.0Add
VageshLord of speech3.0Add
VagindraLord of speech4.0Add
VagishGod of speech Lord Brahma3.0Add
VahinLord Shiva2.0Add
Vaidesh 3.0Add
Vaidhvik 4.0Add
Vaidic 3.0Add
Vaidik 3.0Add
Vaidish 3.0Add
VaidyanathMaster of medicines4.5Add
VaidyanathanThe king of medicine5.5Add
VaijeenathLord Shiva4.0Add
VaijnathLord Shiva4.0Add
VaikartanName of Karna4.5Add
VaikhanLord Vishnu3.0Add
VaikunthVaikuntam, The abode of Lord Vishnu3.0Add
Vaikunth NathMaster of heavens5.5Add
VainavinLord Shiva4.0Add
VairajSpiritual glory3.0Add
VairajaSon of Virat3.0Add
VairinchyaLord Brahma's son3.5Add
VairochanAn ancient Name4.0Add
VaisakaA season3.0Add
VaishAn ancient Indian city2.0Add
VaishakIts Name of good and nice3.0Add
VaishantQuiet and shining star3.0Add
VaishnavVaishnava denotes Lord Vishnu3.5Add
VaishnovVaishnava denotes Lord Vishnu3.5Add
VaishodeviDevotee of Lord Vishnu or Goddess Parvati4.0Add
VaishvikBelonging to the world3.5Add
VaiwaswatOne of the saints4.5Add
VajasaniLord Vishnu's son4.0Add
Vajasi 3.0Add
VajendraLord Indra3.5Add
VajrabahuOne with strong arms4.5Add
VajradharLord Indra4.5Add
VajrahastLord Shiva5.0Add
VajrajitLord Indra4.5Add
VajrakayaSturdy like metal, Lord Hanuman4.5Add
VajrakshSturdy like metal or Lord Hanuman3.5Add
VajrakshaSturdy like metal or Lord Hanuman3.5Add
VajranakhaStrong nailed4.5Add
VajrangDiamond bodied4.0Add
VajrapaniLord Indra4.5Add
VajrinLord Indra3.5Add
VakpatiGreat orator3.5Add
VakrabhujLord Ganesh4.5Add
VakratundAn epithet of Ganesh, Lord Ganesh5.0Add
VakratundaCurved trunk Lord, Lord Ganesh5.0Add
Vakruth 3.0Add
Vakshal 3.5Add
VakulSon of Vakula Devi3.0Add
ValakA crane3.0Add
ValinValin means courage in sanskrit. adding i hence Valini would keep the meaning the same as but make it feminine as in Hindi An i at the end of a noun or adjective makes it feminine3.0Add
VallabhBeloved, Dear3.5Add
VallakiSingle string instrument origin Shiv Lila Amrut3.5Add
VallinathLord SuBrahmanya4.5Add
VallkantanLord Murugan5.0Add
VallmanalanLord Murugan6.0Add
ValmekiAn ancient saint3.5Add
ValmikThe author of the epic Ramayana3.5Add
ValmikiThe author of the epic Ramayana3.5Add
VamadevLord Shiva4.0Add
VamanFifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu3.0Add
VamdevName of Lord Shiva4.0Add
VamseedharPillana grovi ni darinchina vadu who is none other than Lord Krishna4.5Add
VamshiVamshi mean flute...it’s more like Vamshi Krishna... Sri Krishna's flute..2.5Add
VamsiFlute of Lord Krishna2.5Add
VamsidharLord Krishna4.5Add
VamsikrishnaLord Krishna with flute4.5Add
Van RajRuler of the forest, The lion4.0Add
VanabihariLord Krishna5.0Add
VanadevLord of the forest4.0Add
VanajitLord of the forest4.0Add
Vanamalee 4.0Add
VanamalinLord Krishna5.0Add

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