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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Kush Sacred grass, A son of the God Ram (Son of Rama and Sita) 5 Boy
Kavish King of poets, Name of Lord Ganesh 7 Boy
Khush Happy 22 Boy
Kahaan The world, Lord Krishna, Universe 9 Boy
Kinshu Another name of Shri Lord Krishna 1 Boy
Kanish Caring 8 Boy
Keva Fair, Beautiful, Gentle, Lotus 3 Unisex
Kunj Trees and creppers over grown, Arbour, Living in greenery 11 Unisex
Kunsh Shining, Articulate 1 Boy
Kanv Name of a saint, Skilful, Intelligent, Admired 3 Boy
Kripa Mercy, Compassion, Grace, Gentleness (The two children were found and brought to King Shantanu. Kripa was taught Dhanurveda, the martial arts, by his father, and he became one of the Kurus' martial teachers.) 1 Unisex
Ketu Lord Shiva, The node, Form, Banner, Leader, Brightness, A Ray of light, Ensign, Any eminent person, Intellect, Knowledge, A descending node considered a 9th planet in astronomy, Epithet of Shiva 3 Boy
Kanav Kundal in Lord Krishna's ear, Name of a sage, Wise, Beautiful 4 Boy
Kushal Smart, Skillful, Expert, Proficient, Wise, Happy, Auspicious, Pious, Another name of Shiva 9 Boy
Kairav White lotus, Born of water, Gambler 8 Boy
Kapi Monkey, The Sun 1 Boy
Kanan A garden, Forest, The mouth of Brahma 5 Unisex
Kalp The Moon, Thought, Appropriate, Competent, Rule, Healthy, Perfect, A day in the life of Brahma, Another name for Shiva 4 Boy
Karan Karna, The firstborn of Kunti, Talented, Intelligent, Ear, Document, Another name for brahman or the supreme spirit 9 Boy
Krrish Nickname of names beginning with - Kris, Short form of Lord Krishna 11 Boy
Kavin Handsome, Beautiful, Another name for Ganesh 3 Unisex
Keshav Name of Lord Krishna, Lord venkateswara, Lord Vishnu, Long Haired, Slayer of Keshi demon 3 Boy
Krishna Lord Krishna, Name of the river (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who delivered Bhagavad Gita; cousin of Kunti; Friend and Charioteer of Arjuna) 8 Unisex
Kashish Lord of Kashi, Another name for Lord Shiva, Attraction 3 Unisex
Kiran Ray of light, Heat 8 Unisex
Kiyansh A person having all qualities 6 Boy
Kavisha Lord of poets, Lord Ganesh, Small poem 8 Unisex
Krish Nickname of names beginning with - Kris, Short form of Lord Krishna 11 Boy
Kunal Lotus, A bird (Son of emperor Ashok) 5 Boy
Kritik Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Murugan, Well starred 6 Boy
Kiyaan Kings, Royal 7 Boy
Krunal A companionate person, Kind to others 5 Boy
Kshitish King of all gods, Lord Indra, Master of the earth 4 Boy
Kalap The Moon, Intelligent, Collection, The tail of a peacock, Totality, Decoration 5 Boy
Karv Love, Desire 7 Boy
Kajish Lord vinayagar 22 Boy
Karm Deed, Action, Destiny, Code, Duty 7 Boy
Kalesh Lord of everything 2 Boy
Kana An atom, Lord Krishna 9 Unisex
Kian Grace of God, Ancient or distant 8 Boy
Kavan Water, Poem 4 Boy
Kapil Name of a sage, The Sun, Fire, Another name of Lord Vishnu, An incarnation of Vishnu 22 Boy
Kamesh Lord of Love 3 Boy
Kapish Lord Hanuman, Lord of monkeys, Name of Sugreev 1 Boy
Kinal Extremes in fortune, Health and spirituality 2 Unisex
Kalash Sacred pot, The pinnacle of a temple, Holy urn 7 Boy
Krishay Lord Vishnu, The Lord who is slender 1 Boy
Kasish Lord Shiva, Lord of Kashi, An epithet of Shiva or any king of banaras 22 Boy
Kevin Comely, Loved one 7 Boy
Keyur Armlet 8 Boy
Kanha Young, Lord Krishna 8 Boy
Kirat Sing gods praise or glory, Lord Shiva 5 Boy
Khushil Happy, Pleasant 7 Boy
Kalki White horse 8 Boy
Kushank One Piece of Grass 22 Boy
Khusal Happy 9 Boy
Kalpa Able, Fit 5 Boy
Ketul Name of planet Ketu 6 Unisex
Kushaan Dynasty, Name of a king, The Kushan dynasty that ruled parts of 3 Boy
Krivi Lord Shiva 6 Boy
Kshitij The point where the Sky & sea appears to Meet, Son of the earth, Tree, Horizon, Mars 5 Boy
Kesav Name of Lord Krishna, Lord venkateswara, Lord Vishnu, Long haired, Slayer of Keshi demon 4 Boy
Kunjal Cuckoo, Nightingale, Living in greenery 6 Unisex
Kamik Desired 9 Boy
Khajit Lord Buddha, A kind of Buddha, Conquering heaven 5 Boy
Kinshuk A flower 3 Boy
Kiyash Lord Shri Krishna 1 Boy
Kshemya Goddess Durga, One who brings peace, Healthy, Wealthy, Auspicious, Another name for Shiva, Goddess of welfare 1 Unisex
Kanal Shining, Brilliant 3 Boy
Kaki Black bird 5 Boy
Kalva Heroine 11 Boy
Kanhu One of the childhood name of Lord Krishna 1 Boy
Ketav Another name of Lord Vishnu 5 Boy
Kanil Power, Indestructible Lord Vishnu like 2 Boy
Kalol Chirp of birds 6 Boy
Koshin A delicate bud 4 Boy
Kavi A wise Man, Poet, Talented, A physician, Another name for Brahma, A singer talented, Knowledgeable 7 Boy
Kautik Joy 1 Boy
Kuvam The Sun, Producer of the earth 5 Boy
Keethan Holy song 1 Boy
Kishna Lord Krishna, Black, Dark-skinned 8 Boy
Kanj Lord Brahma, Born in water 9 Boy
Keval Only, Sole, One, Complete, Perfect, Unblemished 6 Boy
Kushad Talented, Cloud 1 Boy
Koshal Clever, Skilled, Welfare, Wealth, Happiness 3 Boy
Kuhan A man who Offered Service to Lord Rama 1 Boy
Kaval Nivala morsel 11 Boy
Kushak King 8 Boy
Krushan Gold 11 Boy
Kyra The Sun 1 Boy
Kaushik The sentiment of Love and affection, Another name for Indra and Shiva, With knowledge of hidden treasure, Love 8 Boy
Karna The firstborn of Kunti (Eldest son of Kunti, sired by the Sun God; Friend of Duryodhana; Raised by a charioteer when his mother abandoned him at birth.) 9 Boy
Kishin Kishin refers to a Hindu God Lord Krishna 7 Boy
Kohid A Weapon 11 Boy
Keshan Son of ky, Home sweet home 22 Boy
Kumbh Name of a Rashi 1 Boy
Kirik Sparkling, Brilliant 4 Boy
Kanvar Young Prince 22 Boy
Kavy A wise Man, Poet, Talented, A physician, Another name for Brahma, A singer talented, Knowledgeable 5 Boy
Kunja Trees and creepers overgrown, Arbour, Living in greenery 3 Boy
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