Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Great'

Total 18 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Great'
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aananthamaya Full of great happiness 1 Girl
Arundathi Consort of great sage Vashishtha, One who is not restrained; Fidelity; A star 6 Girl
Chandi Great Goddess 3 Girl
Dhanya Great; Worthy; Fortunate; Auspicious; Happy 8 Girl
Dhanyashree Blessed; Thankful; Great or personification of gratitude; Lucky or giver of wealth 9 Girl
Maha Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi, Lakshmi the great, Consort of Vishnu, She is the presiding deity at kolhapur, She destroyed a Daitya called Mahal hence she is called mahalsa or Mahalakshmi 6 Girl
Mahathi Name of Naradudu Veena; Great 6 Girl
Mahati Name of Naradudu Veena; Great 7 Girl
Maheshani Great; Consort of Mahesh 6 Girl
Maheshwari Goddess Durga; Great lady; An epithet of Durga, A Dakshayanee in Mahakal, Consort of Maheshvar, i.e. Shiva; Name of a River 6 Girl
Nanda Daughter; Goddess Durga; Great achiever; Happiness; Son of Lord Shiva; Young man; Wealth; An Apsara or celestial nymph 7 Unisex
Nandana Daughter; Goddess Durga; Great achiever; Happiness; Son of Lord Shiva; Young man; Celebrating; Heartening; Indra's paradise 22 Unisex
Saesha With great desire and wish; Truth of life 8 Girl
Samrudhi Goddess Lakshmi; Great prosperity or success; Exuberance; Happiness; Good fortune; Wealth; Power; Supremacy 3 Girl
Sreekala Goddess Laxmi; Beauty of Moon; Name of Lakshmi 9 Girl
Suruchi Good taste; Taking great delight in; With refined tastes 9 Girl
Vaishali An ancient city of India; Great; Princess 9 Girl
Vibhuti Great personality 1 Unisex
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