Indian girl names for meaning Shiva

44 Indian Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Shiva'

AnnuLord Shiva2.5Add
ArudhraLord Shiva, Gentle3.5Add
ArudraLord Shiva, Gentle3.5Add
AumnshiAbbreviation of Hindu Lord Shiva Mantra "aumn namah Shivay"3.0Add
DakshaThe earth, Sati, Wife of Shiva2.0Add
DhakshayaThe earth, Wife of Lord Shiva3.5Add
EeshaniWife of Lord Shiva3.0Add
EshankaParvati, Wife of Shiva3.0Add
EswariWife of Lord Shiva3.5Add
HemkeshLord Shiva3.5Add
HitikaLord Shiva3.0Add
IshaaLord Shiva2.0Add
IshaniParvati, Wife of Lord Shiva3.0Add
JoshnikaCupid or follower of Lord Shiva4.0Add
KashinLord of Kashi varanasi or Lord Shiva3.0Add
KhailashAbode of Lord Shiva3.0Add
KrisshiaLord Krishna and Lord Shiva4.0Add
MarushikaBorn with blessings of Lord Shiva4.0Add
ParameswariWife of Lord Shiva5.5Add
ParvathiParvati is the daughter of king of mountains, Parvatha and is also well known as wife of Lord Shiva4.0Add
RibhaFavorite of the devotees or Lord Shiva2.0Add
RishivLord Krishna and Lord Shiva combined3.0Add
RudradeviGoddess Parvati or consort of Lord Shiva or crying4.5Add
RudraniA wife of Shiva (Rudra)3.5Add
RushikaBorn with blessings of Lord Shiva3.0Add
SankareswariCombination of Lord Shiva and Parvati5.5Add
ShatarupaLord Shiva4.0Add
Shiva PriyaLiked by Shiva, Goddess Durga4.5Add
Shiva RanjaniLord Shiva or auspicious or Lucky5.0Add
ShivaaniWife of Lord Shiva or Goddess Parvati3.0Add
ShivalWife of Lord Shiva3.0Add
ShivammaAuspicious or Lord Shiva4.0Add
ShivanjaliWife of Lord Shiva or Goddess Parvati4.0Add
SiddheshwariLord Shiva5.0Add
SiddiLord Shiva2.5Add
SivanandhiniDevotee of Lord Shiva5.0Add
SivaniGoddess parvati. wife of Lord Shiva3.0Add
SivaprabhaWife of Lord Shiva4.5Add
SkandaWife of Lord Shiva2.5Add
SkandhaWife of Lord Shiva2.5Add
TejaswaniIllustrations of Lord Shiva4.5Add
TholakshiWife of Lord Shiva, Parvati3.0Add
TrilochanaLord Shiva4.5Add

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