Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Sea'

Total 17 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Sea'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Vari Water, Sea 5 Girl
Marisa Of the sea, Bitterness 7 Girl
Daria Wealthy, Sea, Learned, Knowing 6 Girl
Lafiza As Deep as a sea 1 Girl
Kshitija A point where the Sky & sea appears to Meet, Horizon, Daughter of the earth, Another name for Sita 6 Girl
Larina Affection; Soul; Sea Gull; Protection 1 Girl
Kalinda The sea 7 Unisex
Payodhi Sea, Ocean 6 Girl
Coral Semi-precious sea growth often Deep pink, Red 22 Girl
Tayodhi Sea 1 Girl
Dylan Son of the sea, Sea 2 Unisex
Marina Of the sea 11 Girl
Mandiraa Cymbals, Home, A dwelling, Sacred, Temple, Sea, Melodious, The melodious sound produced by cymbals 7 Girl
Daaria Wealthy, Sea, Learned, Knowing 7 Girl
Dillon Faithful, Sea 3 Unisex
Ambudhi Sea 4 Girl
Nilormy A blue wave of the sea 7 Girl
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