Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Pleasing'

Total 27 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Pleasing'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Raima Pleasing 6 Girl
Sunanda Happy, Very pleasing 2 Girl
Sananda Happy, Very pleasing 9 Girl
Rakti Pleasing 5 Girl
Vinoda Pleasing 11 Girl
Ramita Pleasing, Loved, Happy 8 Girl
Ramitha Pleasing, Loved, Happy 7 Girl
Rambha A celestial dancer, Lovable, Pleasing, Pleasant, Support, An Apsara 7 Girl
Surama Very pleasing 1 Girl
Iraa Pleasing 2 Girl
Raktima Pleasing 1 Girl
Aamisha Beautiful, Without decept, Pure, Truthful, Guileless 7 Girl
Suranjana Pleasing 9 Girl
Sunandita Happy, Very pleasing 4 Girl
Remitha Pleasing, Loved, Happy 11 Girl
Taushini Goddess Durga, Satisfying, Appeasing, Pleasing, Name of Durga 11 Girl
Sulalita Very pleasing, Greatly pleased or Happy 5 Girl
Suranjani Very pleasing, Entertaining 8 Girl
Nandhinee A holy cow, Bestowed of Joy, In Hindu mythology, The name refers to Goddess Ganga and Goddess durga.nandini also means adhishakti, Daughter, Happy, Pleasing 11 Girl
Madhuchhanda Pleasing metrical composition 5 Girl
Nitya Priya Ever pleasing 3 Girl
Runjhun A pleasing musical sound 7 Girl
Sunandini Happy, Very pleasing 6 Girl
Manoranjana Entertaining, Pleasing 3 Girl
Kilimoli Pleasing voice 9 Girl
Suamya She is pleasing like the Moon 8 Girl
Sulalitha Very pleasing, Greatly pleased or Happy 4 Girl
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