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Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Light'

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Ahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, First rise of the Sun 7 Girl
Aara Ornament, Decoration, Light bringer 3 Girl
Izna Light 5 Girl
Jaahanvi Moon light, Ganga river 3 Girl
Deepal Light, Charm full girl 7 Unisex
Viti Light, Knowledge, Pleasure, Brilliance, Fire, Acquisition 6 Girl
Zia Light 9 Girl
Aarchi Ray of light 4 Girl
Noora Light, Illuminate 9 Girl
Diwa Gift of God, Powerful women, Through heaven, Daytime 1 Girl
Kiran Ray of light, Heat 8 Unisex
Nura Light, Illuminate 9 Girl
Rona Shining light 3 Girl
Archi Ray of light 3 Girl
Dhiya Lamp 11 Girl
Preshti Ray of light 5 Girl
Lehak A light that shines very bright that even you close your eyes you can see it 1 Girl
Dhuti Splendor, Luster, Glow, Light 8 Girl
Vineela Moon light, Black Sky 5 Girl
Teja Light, Lustrous, Power, Brilliant 9 Unisex
Lucia The light of india 1 Girl
Dipal Light, Charm full girl 6 Girl
Deepu Flame, Light, Shinning 6 Unisex
Rucha Vedic lyrics, Light, Brilliance, Desire, Melodious, The voice of the mynah bird 6 Girl
Bibha Light 22 Girl
Filza Light, Rose from heaven 9 Girl
Leora Light 6 Girl
Dhuthi Splendor, Luster, Glow, Light 7 Girl
Rochi Light 8 Girl
Samara Soft pleasant light, A narrator of Hadith, Protected by God, Guardian, Encounter, Conflict, Fruit, Result 8 Girl
Noor Light, Angel 8 Girl
Rashim Light, A Ray of light 5 Girl
Zoha Morning star, 93rd Sura of Quran 5 Unisex
Mitshu Light 9 Girl
Lotica Give light to others 6 Girl
Roochie Light 1 Girl
Riwana The Moon light 3 Girl
Ujhala Light 8 Girl
Anisa Close, Intimate, Good friend, Continuous, Without darkness, Light, Unceasing, Generous, Loyal, Close 8 Girl
Zerah Rising of light 4 Girl
Riham Little, Light rain, Drizzle, Mercy 4 Girl
Manaar Guiding light, Light house 3 Girl
Nora Light, Flower 3 Girl
Sikha Flame, Peak, Light 3 Girl
Mishel A light 3 Girl
Eraj Morning light 7 Girl
Mashal Light, Bright 9 Unisex
Taban Bright Moon light 11 Unisex
Mahum Moon light 2 Girl
Noorie Light 4 Girl
Mashel Light 22 Girl
Shafaq Aurora, Morning light 7 Girl
Reeham Little, Light rain, Drizzle, Mercy 5 Girl
Munira Illuminating, Shedding light, Bright and shining 4 Girl
Monera Shinning light, Guiding light 3 Girl
Mishal Example, Copy, Torch, Light, Lightened, Sparkling, Shining 8 Girl
Fariza Light 7 Girl
Zariya Beauty and light 8 Girl
Norah Light 11 Girl
Nour Light 5 Unisex
Zohha Hope, Shining light 4 Girl
Misaal Example, Copy, Torch, Light, Lightened, Sparkling, Shining 1 Girl
Mohga The light of happiness 8 Girl
Zufash When light spreads over the 9 Girl
Noriza Light of contentment 11 Girl
Tabani Light 2 Girl
Ranrha Light 6 Girl
Zafana Light 22 Girl
Nuriya Light 7 Girl
Nuryn Light 11 Girl
Manar Guiding light, Light house 2 Girl
Ojala Light, Sunshine 3 Girl
Nurah Light 8 Girl
Wranga Ray of light 1 Girl
Wahuj First light of day, Dawn, New beginning 9 Girl
Rashmi Light, A Ray of light 5 Girl
Deepthi Flame or luster or glow or shine, Brightness, Brilliance, Beauty (She is the wife of Sekhar) 4 Girl
Chandni A river, Moonlight 8 Girl
Chandani A river, Moonlight 9 Girl
Roshini Means light 11 Girl
Chandini Moon light or a river, Star 8 Girl
Dhyuthi Splendor, Luster, Glow, Light 5 Girl
Ziya Splendor or light or glow 7 Girl
Dyuti Light, Sunshine 7 Girl
Sree Light, Beauty, Prosperity, Rank, Power, Steel construction company 2 Unisex
Resmi Ray of light or The Sunrays, Silken, Full of light 1 Girl
Dyuthi Light, Sunshine 6 Girl
Prabha Light, Glow, Shine, Brilliance, An Apsara or celestial nymph 1 Girl
Reshmi Ray of light or the sunrays, Silken, Full of light 9 Girl
Teju Full of light 11 Girl
Rasmi Ray of light or the sunrays, Silken, Full of light 6 Girl
Naureen Light, Honor, Bright 6 Girl
Ranju Light of victory 1 Girl
Abhati Splendor, Light 5 Girl
Dipu Flame, Light, Shinning 5 Girl
Neeru Light 9 Unisex
Mandeepa Light of heart 5 Girl
Kranti Light, Revolution 1 Unisex
Usra Dawn, The earth, First light 5 Girl
Marichi Ray of light, Name of a star 7 Girl
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