Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Complete'

Total 34 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Complete'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Anvika Powerful and complete 22 Girl
Nikhila Complete 1 Girl
Kamila Most perfect, Complete 2 Girl
Komila Complete 7 Girl
Samila All comprehensive, Complete, Peacemaker 1 Girl
Emma Whole, Complete 5 Girl
Purna Complete 7 Girl
Hesha Complete 5 Girl
Anara Wanderer, Powerful and complete 8 Girl
Akhila Complete 6 Girl
Sushanti Complete peace 3 Girl
Puma Complete, Content 6 Girl
Sarvani Goddess Durga, Name of Durga, Omnipresent, Perfect 3 Girl
Aswani Strong and complete (Son of Lord Sun) 22 Unisex
Anaika Powerful and complete 1 Girl
Purvaja The elder sister, Complete 8 Girl
Santushti Contentment, Complete satisfaction 5 Girl
Kameela Most perfect, Complete 3 Girl
Ekansha Complete, One 5 Girl
Sushanthi Complete peace 11 Girl
Sahah Perfect, Complete, Healthy 1 Girl
Ella Brilliant, Shining, Gothic, Complete 3 Girl
Poorvaja Elder sister, Complete 8 Girl
Purnita Complete, Fulfilled 9 Girl
Sharwani Born in the month of Shravan, Goddess Parvati, Universal, Complete 3 Girl
Anwika Powerful and complete 5 Girl
Samyatha Endowed with complete concentration 7 Girl
Shesha Harani Complete 3 Girl
Sampurna Complete everything, Full 4 Girl
Sharvaani Born in the month of Shravan, Goddess Parvati, Universal, Complete 3 Girl
Sarvaka Complete, Universal 1 Girl
Santhushti Contentment, Complete satisfaction 4 Girl
Kamilah Perfect, Complete 1 Girl
Sompurna Complete 9 Unisex
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