Indian boy names for meaning Sun

244 Indian Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Sun'

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AadavanThe Sun4.0Add
AadhavanThe Sun4.0Add
AadithLord of Sun3.0Add
AadithyaLord of the Sun3.5Add
AaditvaVariant of aditya: the Sun3.5Add
AadityaThe Sun3.5Add
AanThe Sun2.0Add
AarishRay of Sun3.0Add
AarushFirst Ray of Sun3.0Add
AayanshThe Sun3.0Add
AbhisumatRadiant, Another Name of the Sun5.0Add
AbhisumathMane of Lord Sun5.0Add
AdharshThe Sun3.0Add
AdhavanThe Sun4.0Add
AdhithyaThe Sun3.5Add
AdhityaNewly risen Sun3.5Add
AditeyaAnother Name of the Sun4.0Add
AdithiyaLord of Sun4.0Add
AdithyaSun God, Son of Adithi3.5Add
AdityaThe Sun3.5Add
AdityanandanaSon of the Sun6.5Add
AdrushLike the rising Sun3.0Add
AdvityaSynonym of Sun or one which has no end4.0Add
AharsiSun or king of the day3.5Add
AhnayAs bright as the Sun3.5Add
AmshumanThe Sun4.0Add
AnshuThe Sun2.0Add
AnshumanThe Sun4.0Add
ArahaSon of Sun3.0Add
ArchishmanThe Sun5.0Add
ArineSun Ray3.0Add
ArkaThe Sun3.0Add
ArthitThe Sun3.5Add
ArujRising Sun3.0Add
ArunMythical charioteer of the Sun, Dawn3.0Add
Arun KumarMythical charioteer of the Sun, Dawn6.0Add
ArunabhLight of Sun4.0Add
ArunachaleshwaraLord of the hills of Sun7.5Add
ArushFirst Ray of Sun3.0Add
ArushanFirst rays of morning sun4.0Add
AryaditThe Sun4.5Add
AryaditaAryadita combines the 2 Names Arya meaning noble and adita the Sun or conqueror. therefore, It means the noble conqueror4.5Add
AryamanThe Sun4.5Add
AsfaTanned Sun burned0Add
AshmanSon of the Sun4.0Add
AshwaniSon of Lord Sun3.5Add
AthithyaThe Sun3.5Add
AviThe Sun and air2.0Add
AvirajTo shine as bright as the Sun4.0Add
BalaarkThe rising Sun3.5Add
BaladhityaThe newly risen Sun4.5Add
BaladityaYoung Sun4.5Add
BalaraviThe morning Sun4.0Add
BallalThe Sun3.5Add
BhagadityaThe Sun which bestows wealth4.5Add
BhanuThe Sun2.0Add
BhanudasA devotee of the Sun4.0Add
BhanumitraFriend of Sun, Planet mercury4.5Add
BhanuprakashSun light5.5Add
BhanuprasadGift of Sun5.5Add
BhanusreeBhanu means Sun, Sree means Lakshmi3.5Add
BhaskarThe Sun3.5Add
BhaskaraThe Sun3.5Add
BhaskaranThe Sun4.5Add
BhubandeepBhuban means the world & Deep means the light source. so the total meaning goes towards the sun4.0Add
BibhavasuThe Sun, Fire4.0Add
BiboswanSun God4.5Add
BrihaspatiThe Sun5.0Add
CeyoneRising Sun3.0Add
ChanderbhanChander means Moon, Bhan means Sun both meaning is energy energetic and peace nature4.5Add
Chandra BhanMoon, Sun4.5Add
CharudehiSon of Lord Sun4.0Add
ChintuThe Sun2.0Add
ChitrarathThe Sun4.5Add
ChitrarthA Man with ability same as of sun4.5Add
DakshinayanSome movement of the Sun5.5Add
DeeptanshuThe Sun4.0Add
DeewakarThe Sun4.0Add
DevadityaGod of Sun4.5Add
DhinakThe Sun3.0Add
DhinakarThe Sun4.0Add
DhinakaranThe Sun5.0Add
DhivakarThe Sun4.0Add
DinakarThe Sun4.0Add
DinapatiThe Sun4.0Add
DinendraLord of the day, The Sun3.5Add
DineshSun, God of the day3.0Add
DinkarThe Sun4.0Add
DinpalThe Sun4.0Add
DipanshuThe Sun3.0Add
DiptanshuThe Sun4.0Add
DishenSuryadev, The Sun3.0Add
DivakarThe Sun4.0Add
DivneshThe Sun3.5Add
DivyanshuDivine light, Sun4.0Add
DivyeshThe Sun3.5Add
DiwakarSun Lord of light4.0Add
DiwakerThe Sun4.0Add

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