Indian boy names for meaning Rama

78 Indian Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Rama'

Baby names starting with:
AmavReincarnation of Lord Rama3.0Add
AyodhyaLord Rama's nilayam, Place where Lord Rama born3.5Add
DasharatFather of Lord Rama4.0Add
DasharathThe father of Lord Rama4.0Add
DasharathiLord Rama4.0Add
DhanvineA Name of Lord Rama3.5Add
HariramLord Rama4.0Add
JairamVictory of Lord Rama4.0Add
JanakinathLord Rama5.0Add
JayramVictory of Lord Rama4.0Add
KushSon of Lord Rama2.0Add
LakshmanProsperous, Brother of Rama, Born to give3.5Add
LaxmanProsperous, Brother of Rama, Born to give3.5Add
LuvSon of Lord Rama2.0Add
MahapurushGreat being, Lord Rama5.0Add
ParasmeMost superior, Lord Rama4.0Add
PareshaLord of the lords, A Name of Lord Rama3.0Add
RaaghavLord Rama3.0Add
RaghavLord Rama3.0Add
RaghavanA descendant of raghuvamsa, Often meaning Lord Rama4.0Add
RaghavendraLord Rama5.0Add
RaghbirBrave Lord Rama4.0Add
RaghuThe family of Lord Rama2.0Add
RaghubirLord Rama4.0Add
RaghunandanLord Rama5.5Add
RaghunathLord Rama4.0Add
RaghupatiLord Rama4.0Add
RaghuveerLord Rama4.0Add
RaghuvirLord Rama4.0Add
RaghvendraLord Rama5.0Add
RagunathanLord Rama5.0Add
RajivalochanaLotus eyed, Lord Rama6.0Add
RamLord Rama, God, Supreme spirit2.0Add
Ram BakshLord Rama or God or supreme spirit or charming5.0Add
Ram DattGift of Rama4.5Add
Ram HasitLord Rama or God or supreme spirit or charming6.0Add
Ram KrishnaLord Rama, Krishna4.5Add
Ram KumarLord Rama5.0Add
Ram MohanLord Rama or God or supreme spirit or charming5.0Add
Ram PrasadGift of Lord Rama5.5Add
Ram PratapLord Rama5.5Add
Ram SewakSewak of Lord Rama6.0Add
Rama KrishnaRama & Krishna4.5Add
RamabhaktaDevoted to Rama, Lord Hanuman5.0Add
RamadeepLord Rama4.0Add
RamadhutaAmbassador of Rama, Lord Hanuman4.0Add
RamamohanRama means it is the Name of Lord Sri Rama and Mohan means handsome5.0Add
RamanujYounger brother of Rama, Born after Rama i.e. Lakshman4.0Add
RamanujaYounger brother of Rama, Born after Rama i.e. Lakshman4.0Add
RamashrayProtected by Rama4.5Add
RamaswamyLord Rama5.0Add
RamavatarReincarnation of Lord Rama5.0Add
RamayaLord Rama2.5Add
RamchandraLord Rama4.5Add
RamdasDevotee a servant of Rama4.0Add
RameshbabuRuler of Rama or Lord Vishnu or the preserver6.0Add
RamgopalLord Rama and Lord Krishna5.0Add
RamjiLord Rama3.0Add
RamkishoreLord Rama5.0Add
RamkrishnaLord Rama and Lord Krishna5.0Add
RammohanLord Rama5.0Add
RamnathLord Rama4.0Add
RamojiLord Rama3.0Add
RamprasadOffering of Lord Rama5.5Add
RamrajLord Rama or God or supreme spirit or charming4.0Add
RamratanLord Rama5.0Add
RamswaroopLord Rama5.5Add
RomeshGod of Rama or Lord Vishnu3.0Add
SaketharamanA Name of Lord Rama6.0Add
SatyavacheLord Rama, Speaker of truth4.5Add
ShamanthLord Rama3.0Add
ShashvataA Name of Lord Rama eternal3.5Add
ShriramLord Rama3.5Add
SitakantaLord Rama4.0Add
SitaramSita & Lord Rama4.0Add
SriramLord Rama3.5Add

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