Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Pure'

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Aarsh Bright, Hero, Truthfulness, Dominion, Crown, Pure, Worshipped, Divine 2 Boy
Aasaal Evening time, Real, Pure 8 Boy
Abdus Subbooh Slave of the extremely pure 3 Boy
Abdus Subooh Slave of the extremely pure 1 Boy
Abyaz White, Pure 1 Boy
Akalin Pure 3 Boy
Al-Quddus The holy, The divine, The pure, The purifier 6 Boy
Amal Bright, Hope, Pure, Hardworking, Optimistic, Expectation, Brillinat, Another name for Narayana, Clean 9 Boy
Amalbir Pure and brave 11 Boy
Amalesh The pure one 5 Boy
Amalinder Pure God 5 Boy
Amaljot Pure flame 9 Boy
Amritpal Early bird, Pure, Richness 9 Boy
Aqdas Holy, Pure 6 Boy
Arjun Fair, Open minded, Pure, Brilliant, A pandava Prince, Bright 1 Boy
Avaya First rays of the Sun, Gift of God 5 Boy
Avikrut Pure 3 Boy
Avya To arrive or to inform, The first life form all knowledgeable and all pure 4 Boy
Bimal Pure, White, Bright 1 Boy
Bimaljot Pure light 1 Boy
Darshwana Pure of heart 8 Boy
Dhaval Fair complexioned, Pure, Dazzling, White, Handsome 3 Boy
Divam Pure 22 Boy
Divaym Divine, Spiritual, Superhuman, Unique, Pure 11 Boy
Divyam Divine, Spiritual, Superhuman, Unique, Pure 11 Boy
Hansroop Pure body 7 Boy
Harin Pure 5 Boy
Harpuneet Clean, Pure like God 9 Boy
Jaivik Pure & divine 8 Boy
Jarum Pure in color 9 Boy
Jatinderdeep Pure lamp of the Lord 3 Boy
Jatinderjeet Pure victory of the Lord 4 Boy
Kaai Body, Pure 4 Boy
Kaay Body, Pure 11 Boy
Kelik Rejoiced, Happy, Pure, Clear, From of katherine, Virginal, Keeper of the keys, Elder sister, Playful 3 Boy
Khalis Pure, Clear 6 Boy
Muta Obeyed, Pure or like a Pearl 1 Boy
Mutaa Obeyed, Pure or like a Pearl 11 Boy
Mutahhir Purifies, Pure 8 Boy
Naase Clear, Pure, White 4 Boy
Nafees Pureness, Pure, Precious 5 Boy
Nafis Pureness, Pure, Precious 22 Boy
Nameer Pure, Leopard, Tiger, Panther 11 Boy
Namir Pure, Leopard, Tiger, Panther 1 Boy
Naqi Pure 5 Boy
Naranjan Supreme being of pure light 1 Boy
Nazeeh Pure, Chaste 5 Boy
Nazih Pure, Chaste 4 Boy
Nimal Pure, Blameless, Brilliant 22 Boy
Ninny Flowery.blossam, Pure, Brilliant 4 Boy
Niramay Without blemish, Pure 9 Boy
Nirmal Pure, Brilliant, Clean 4 Boy
Nirmalcheet Pure consciousness, One whose heart is holy 9 Boy
Nirmalchit Pure consciousness, One whose heart is holy 8 Boy
Nirmaljot Immaculate pure light 4 Boy
Nirmalpreet Pure Love 5 Boy
Nirmalprem Pure Love 11 Boy
Nirmalya Pure, Brilliant, Clean 3 Boy
Nirmay Without blemish, Pure 8 Boy
Nuzayh Pure, Chaste 5 Boy
Omna Pious, Pure 7 Boy
Paavak Purifying, Fire, Brilliant, Pure 7 Boy
Paawanjeet Victory of the pure 6 Boy
Pavak Purifying, Fire, Brilliant, Pure 6 Boy
Pavitar A pure individual, Pure, Holy person 6 Boy
Pavitra Pure 6 Boy
Prasarm Pure, Clear, Brilliant, Peaceful, Pleasant 5 Boy
Prasuk Very pure 5 Boy
Puneet Pure or holy 9 Boy
Puneeth Pure or holy 8 Boy
Punit Pure or holy 8 Boy
Punith Pure or holy 7 Boy
Punyah Supremely pure 4 Boy
Raiq Pure, Clear, Tranquil, Serene 9 Boy
Saafi Pure, Clear, Crystal 9 Boy
Sachandra Pure r beautiful Moon 6 Boy
Sada Shiv Pure, Eternally pure 11 Boy
Sada Shiva Pure, Eternally pure 3 Boy
Sadashiv Pure, Eternally pure 11 Boy
Safi Pure, Clear, Crystal 8 Boy
Safiuddin The pure one of the faith 6 Boy
Safiullah The pure one of Allah 8 Boy
Salsaal Pure water 11 Boy
Salsal Pure water 1 Boy
Samim Fragrance, Fragrant, Sincere, Genuine, Pure, True 1 Boy
Sarvashiva Always pure 3 Boy
Sharav Pure and innocent 6 Boy
Shauchin Pure 11 Boy
Shiv Lord Shiva, Auspicious, Lucky, Always pure, All encompassing, Lovely, Welfare, Water, Saving, Beloved, Divine, Joy welfare, The third God of the Hindu Trinity 22 Boy
Shiva Lord Shiva, Auspicious, Lucky, Always pure, All-encompassing, Lovely, Welfare, Water, Joy welfare, Salvation, The energy of Shiva in the form of his wife (Hindu Lord, whose bow was lifted by Rama in swayamvar) 5 Boy
Shivendu Pure Moon 3 Boy
Shuddhavigraha One who has a pure body 5 Boy
Subhra White, The Ganga, Attractive, Brilliant, Heaven, Another name for the river Ganges 6 Boy
Sucham Pure goodness 2 Boy
Suchdev Pure deity 1 Boy
Suddh Pure, White, True 2 Boy
Suddhman Pure of heart, Mind, And soul 3 Boy
Sudhbudh Pure intellect 6 Boy
Sudhman Pure of heart, Mind, And soul 11 Boy
Sudhsurat One with pure consciousness 5 Boy
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