Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Lustrous'

Total 14 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Lustrous'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Tej Light, Lustrous, Power, Brilliance, Glory, Security 8 Boy
Tejal Lustrous, Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant 3 Unisex
Teja Light, Lustrous, Power, Brilliant 9 Unisex
Harshan Lustrous splendor of God, Has to do with happiness, delightful 6 Boy
Ojaswin Lustrous 1 Boy
Prabhas Splendor, Beauty, Lustrous, Brilliance 11 Boy
Deeptiman Lustrous 6 Boy
Deeptimoy Lustrous 4 Boy
Tejaswin Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent, Brave, Powerful, Celebrated, Energetic, Noble, Brilliant 11 Boy
Jyotirmoy Lustrous 6 Boy
Kantimoy Lustrous 9 Boy
Kantilal Lustrous 8 Boy
Harshaan Lustrous splendor of God, Has to do with happiness, Delightful 7 Boy
Bhaasvan Lustrous, Full of brightness, Brilliant, Another name for the Sun God Surya 5 Boy
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