Indian boy names for meaning Buddha

41 Indian Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Buddha'

AkkrumLord Buddha4.0Add
AmitavLimitless luster, Name of Lord Buddha4.0Add
AnamiA Name of Lord Buddha3.0Add
AswanthaPeepal tree, Holy tree, Buddha got wisdom under it4.0Add
AswathThis is the tree where Buddha did meditate and gained lot of knowledge ... so it can also be considered as tree of knowledge3.5Add
BuddhaAwakened, Lord Buddha2.5Add
Buddha PriyaOne liked by Buddha5.0Add
BuddhadevaGautama Buddha4.5Add
ChhandakThe charioteer of Lord Buddha3.0Add
DevarajaluKing of the gods, Buddha5.0Add
GaousikLord Buddha4.0Add
GautamLord Buddha3.0Add
GauthamLord Buddha3.0Add
GotamLord Buddha3.0Add
GowthamLord Buddha3.5Add
HemnathGold or Lord Buddha4.0Add
KhajitLord Buddha3.0Add
LokpradeepGautam Buddha5.5Add
MunishLord Buddha3.0Add
PadmayaniLord Brahma, Buddha4.5Add
PrabudhaLord Buddha3.5Add
RaahulSon of Buddha3.0Add
RahalMeans attachment. derived from rahula the son of Buddha3.0Add
RahulSon of Lord Buddha3.0Add
RahulrajSon of Lord Buddha or efficient or capable5.0Add
SakyasinhaLord Buddha5.0Add
SaugataOther Name of Gautama Buddha3.0Add
ShakyasinhaLord Buddha4.5Add
SiddarthaLord Buddha4.0Add
SiddharthaA Name of Lord Buddha4.0Add
SidharthaA Name of Lord Buddha4.0Add
SugataA Name of the Buddha3.0Add
SugatanandLord Buddha5.0Add
TathagatThe Buddha, Title of the Buddha4.0Add
TathagataThe Buddha, Title of the Buddha4.0Add
TatharajLord Buddha4.0Add
TrigyaLord Buddha3.0Add
TrigyeshLord Buddha, Trigya with Esh as Ishwar4.0Add
TrikayLord Buddha3.5Add
VipaschitLord Buddha4.5Add

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