Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Blessing'

Total 36 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Blessing'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Akshad Blessing 8 Boy
Anam Blessing; One who blesses 11 Boy
Anugrah Divine blessing 7 Boy
Arul The grace of God; Blessing of God 7 Boy
Arul Kannan God's grace; God's blessing 8 Boy
Asees Blessing; Prayer 7 Boy
Ashirvad Blessings 1 Boy
Ashis Blessing; Prayer; Benediction 2 Boy
Baksheesh Divine blessing 6 Boy
Barakatullah Blessing of Allah 9 Boy
Bejul Defender; Protection; Blessing; Loved One; Soul; A Son of God 5 Boy
Davashish Blessing of God 1 Boy
Debasish Benediction of God; Pleased by the God 4 Boy
Devashish Benediction of God; Pleased by the Gods 5 Boy
Enayat Grace; Kindness; Blessing 3 Boy
Gurbakhshis One who has Guru's blessing 6 Boy
Gurdit One born with Guru's blessing 7 Boy
Hamdhy Sympathy; Blessing 5 Boy
Iniat Blessing 8 Boy
Nemat Blessing; Boon; Favor 8 Boy
Nimatullah Blessing of Allah 3 Boy
Rizq Subsistence; Blessing of God 7 Boy
Sadaat Blessing; Honor; Happiness; Bliss; Felicity 1 Boy
Sadul Khalq Blessing for the creation 7 Boy
Sai Prasad Blessing 7 Boy
Sai Pratap Blessing of Saibaba 11 Boy
Saish With the blessing of Sai - baba ka baccha, Sai ka baccha 2 Boy
Sampad Prosperous; Perfection; Achievement; Destiny; Blessing 9 Boy
Shubhashis Blessing 6 Boy
Shubhasunad Blessing 1 Boy
Shubhay Blessing 3 Boy
Umaprasad Blessing of Goddess Parvati 4 Boy
Vardaan Blessing; Lord Shiva 7 Boy
Vardan Blessing; Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Increasing prosperity 6 Boy
Vardhan Blessing; Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Increasing prosperity 5 Boy
Varinderpal Blessing of protection by God in heaven 3 Boy
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