Top 100 Makar Rashi Names - Girls

Total 86 Top 100 Makar Rashi Names - Girls    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Jaahanvi Moon light, Ganga river 3 Girl
Jahita Suggest meaning 22 Girl
Jailaya Victorious and Laya means Layam in music 5 Girl
Jaiman Victorious 3 Girl
Jaimi Pet form of james used as a womans name 6 Girl
Jaina Victory, Good character 8 Girl
Jaini Gift from God, Victorious 7 Girl
Jainisha God of Jains; Find 8 Girl
Jairekha Beautiful 9 Girl
Jaishanaa Suggest meaning 1 Girl
Jaisvi Victory 7 Girl
Jaisya Jayamulu kalugunu 2 Girl
Jakshani Hindus God 1 Girl
Jalpa Discussion 4 Girl
Jalvi Name of River May 9 Girl
Janani Mother, Tenderness 22 Girl
Janhvi Ganga - the river, As precious as your life 1 Girl
Janki Goddess Sita, Daughter of king Janak 9 Girl
Jansi Life like, Rising The Sun 8 Girl
Janvi Ganga - the river, As precious as your life 2 Girl
Janvika Dispeller of ignorance, One who gathers knowledge 5 Girl
Jaral Easy, Nobleman 6 Girl
Jarul Flower queen 8 Girl
Jashmina Flower 3 Girl
Jashvi One who gets credit 6 Girl
Jasima Beautiful 8 Girl
Jasmin A flower, Praise of distinction 3 Girl
Jasmit Famed, Celebrated, Famous 9 Girl
Jasvee Hero of fame, Victorious 8 Girl
Jaya Goddess Durga, Victory, Conquest, Name of Parvati who was the daughter of Daksh and the consort of Shiva, The 3rd, 8 th or 13th lunar days of either half-month, Name of Durga 1 Girl
Jayani A Shakti of Lord Ganesh, Auspicious, Causing victory 6 Girl
Jayati Victorious 3 Girl
Jayita Victorious 3 Girl
Jayna Victory, Good character 6 Girl
Jayne Gift from God, Victorious 1 Girl
Jebisha Prayerful 9 Girl
Jeel Silent lake, Jharna 5 Girl
Jeenal Lord Vishnu, Kind, Loving, Good natured and intelligent 2 Girl
Jeenam River 3 Girl
Jeeteshi Goddess of victory 9 Girl
Jeeval Full of life, Inspiring, Lively, Causing victory 1 Girl
Jehannaz Pride of universe 7 Girl
Jeiya Sweet heart, To live 5 Girl
Jenika Gods gracious gift 5 Girl
Jenisha God is gracious, Superior person 3 Girl
Jenita Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer 5 Girl
Jensi God has blessed 3 Girl
Jenu Well-born, Noble 5 Girl
Jenya Truth, Original, Noble 1 Girl
Jenye Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Jershika Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Jesal Poof 11 Girl
Jeshna Victory 3 Girl
Jestiya Suggest meaning 8 Girl
Jetal Winner 3 Girl
Jetashri A Raga 9 Girl
Jhalak Glimpse, Spark, Sudden motion 7 Girl
Jheel Silent lake 22 Girl
Jia Heart, Sweet heart 11 Girl
Jiaan Life, Strong 8 Girl
Jiganasha Academic curiosity 7 Girl
Jigisha Required victory, Superior, Ambitious, Wanting to win 9 Girl
Jigna Intellectual curiosity 5 Girl
Jigya Curiosity to know 7 Girl
Jilav Sweet; Cute 9 Girl
Jilpa Life giving 3 Girl
Jincy Suggest meaning 7 Girl
Jini Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer 6 Girl
Jinisha God is gracious, Superior person 7 Girl
Jinkal Sweet voice 3 Girl
Jisha The person having the highest feelings for living 2 Girl
Jissy Variant of Jesse God exists 1 Girl
Jivati Live 8 Girl
Jivi Life, Immortal 5 Girl
Jivika Water, Source of life, Livelihood, Life giving 8 Girl
Jivinta Life 4 Girl
Jiya Heart, Sweet heart 9 Girl
Jiyana God is gracious, Strength 6 Girl
Jiyanshi Goddesse 5 Girl
Josya Delightful 7 Girl
Jyotika Light, A flame, Brilliant 1 Girl
Khaivya Poet 5 Girl
Khanak Sweet sound of bangles, Miner, Digger, Mouse 1 Girl
Khusbu Perfume, Fragrance 1 Girl
Khushi Happiness, Smile, Delight (Celebrity Name: Sridevi) 4 Girl
Khyati Fame 11 Girl
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