Top 100 Anuradha Nakshatra Names - Girls

Total 75 Top 100 Anuradha Nakshatra Names - Girls    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Naandhi A shout of Joy, Rejoicing 6 Girl
Nabaneeta Fresh butter, Gentle, Soft, Always new 9 Girl
Nabha Nobel high, Sky, No limit 8 Girl
Nachni Dancer, Suggestive look 4 Girl
Nageswari Snake God, King of snakes 7 Girl
Nahar The day 6 Girl
Naidhrua Goddess Parvati, Almost perfect 4 Girl
Naija Daughter of wisdom 8 Girl
Nailika Suggest meaning 3 Girl
Naimisha Transient 11 Girl
Naini Pupil of the eye 11 Girl
Naitee Little gift, End less 9 Girl
Naivy Blue related 8 Girl
Nakiska Star 3 Girl
Nakti Night 1 Girl
Nakusha Suggest meaning 3 Girl
Namana Bending 8 Girl
Namuchi Kama, Tight, Permanent 6 Girl
Nandi One who pleases others, Another name for Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva's bull, Happiness, Prosperity 6 Girl
Nandika Goddess Lakshmi, A small water jar, A joyous, Happy woman 9 Girl
Nandini A holy cow, Bestowed of Joy, In Hindu mythology, The name refers to Goddess Ganga and Goddess durga.nandini also means adhishakti, Daughter, Happy, Pleasing 11 Girl
Nandni Enjoyment 11 Girl
Naomi Above all, Beautiful 7 Girl
Naomika Durga; Lakshmi 1 Girl
Narine Flower of Delicate Appearance 7 Girl
Narita Given Strength 9 Girl
Narois Flower 4 Girl
Naseen Cool breeze 22 Girl
Nashika Indestructible 9 Girl
Natarajan God Shiva 8 Girl
Nateshwari Goddess Durga, She who is the Goddess of dance 1 Girl
Nathiya Eternal, Constant 6 Girl
Natrisha Suggest meaning 9 Girl
Natun New 7 Girl
Navamalli Jasmine 4 Girl
Navami New 6 Girl
Navaneeta Fresh butter, Gentle, Soft, Always new 11 Girl
Navaranjani Suggest meaning 6 Girl
Navasmita Suggest meaning 1 Girl
Navdha New 5 Girl
Naveena New 8 Girl
Navesha Lord Shiva 7 Girl
Naveta New 9 Girl
Navika New 22 Girl
Navilla Peacock- modified 8 Girl
Navistha Youngest 4 Girl
Navita New 22 Girl
Naviya New 9 Girl
Navneet Fresh butter, Gentle, Soft, Always new 9 Girl
Navnita Fresh butter, Gentle, Soft, Always new 9 Girl
Navrita Suggest meaning 4 Girl
Navthetchika Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Navya Sree Young or worth praising 11 Girl
Navyata New, Fresh 3 Girl
Nawal Wonder, New, Modern 6 Girl
Naya Soft 5 Girl
Nayaki Name of a Raga 7 Girl
Nayanika Beautiful eyes that induce magnetism, One with expressive eyes 4 Girl
Nayantara Iris 5 Girl
Nayasana Freshness 22 Girl
Nayna Name of a Goddess, Beautiful eyed 1 Girl
Nayonika Beautiful eyes that induce magnetism, One with expressive eyes 9 Girl
Naysa Affable 6 Girl
Nazima Song, Poet 1 Girl
Neeha Dew drop, Admired for look, Love, Rain, Bright one, Naughty one, Affectionate 6 Girl
Neeharika Dew drops, Bunches of star, Nebula, Misty, The milky way 9 Girl
Neeladree The nilgiris, Blue mountain, Blue peak 6 Girl
Neelam Sapphire, Blue stone, Precious stone 5 Girl
Neelaveni Name of a Raga 6 Girl
Neelaya Home 9 Girl
Neeli The skys color 9 Girl
Neera Amrit or nectar or pure water, Part of God, Water, Juice, Liquor 7 Girl
Neerada Cloud 3 Girl
Neeraga Goddess Durga, Without passion, Unattached 6 Girl
Neerja Lotus flower, Zarnu, Pure, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi 8 Girl
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