Top 100 Anuradha Nakshatra Names - Boys

Total 69 Top 100 Anuradha Nakshatra Names - Boys    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Nabhas Celestial, Appearing in the Sky, Name of certain constellations, Sky, Ocean, Heavenly 9 Boy
Nabhi Centre of body, An ancient king 7 Boy
Nabhoj Born in Sky 5 Boy
Nachiketa An ancient Rishi, Fire 9 Boy
Nadeep Lord of wealth 9 Boy
Nadeesh God of river, Ocean, Hope, Lord of water 11 Boy
Nadin Lord of rivers, Ocean 6 Boy
Nadir Fresh, Dear, Rare, Pinnacle 1 Boy
Nagesh Seshnag, Cosmic serpent, Owner of serpent 9 Boy
Nagpal Saviour of serpents 6 Boy
Nahush Name of An ancient king 8 Boy
Nainish Lord of eyes 11 Boy
Nair Lord Krishna, Leader 6 Boy
Naishadh King Nala, A hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha, A open, Pertaining to Nishadha, An epic poem 1 Boy
Naitvik Suggest meaning 5 Boy
Naivadya Bhagwan ka Prasad 5 Boy
Nakesh The Moon, Feature 22 Boy
Nal An ancient king 9 Boy
Nalesh King of flowers 5 Boy
Nalin Lotus, Water, Crane, Water Lily 5 Boy
Namasyu Bowing 22 Boy
Nanak First Sikh Guru 5 Boy
Nanthini The root, Nand, Refers to delight, Pleasure, Enjoyment 8 Boy
Narinder Leader of all human beings, King of men, The king 11 Boy
Narmad Bringing delight 6 Boy
Narottam Best among men, Lord Vishnu 3 Boy
Narun Leader of men 5 Boy
Naruna Leader of men 6 Boy
Natick Suggest meaning 22 Boy
Nauhar 9 garlands 9 Boy
Navaj King among actors, New 3 Boy
Naval Wonder, New, Modern 5 Boy
Navalan Orator 2 Boy
Navaneet Fresh butter, One who takes pleasure in new joys 1 Boy
Navashen The one who brings hope 3 Boy
Navay Naya, New, Nootan 9 Boy
Naveen New 7 Boy
Navin New 6 Boy
Navind New 1 Boy
Navrang Beautiful 5 Boy
Navroz A parsee festival 6 Boy
Navtej New light 9 Boy
Nayath Leading 6 Boy
Neal Champion, Cloud, Passionate, Crow, Talktive person, Blue, Indigo, Sapphire, Treasure, A mountain 5 Boy
Nedumaan Prince 1 Boy
Neeham Comfort 1 Boy
Neeladri The nilgiris, Blue mountain, Blue peak 5 Boy
Neelambar Blue Sky 8 Boy
Neelanjan Blue, With blue eyes 4 Boy
Neelotpal Blue lotus 1 Boy
Neer Water. one of the five elements of the world. it is the essence of life 6 Boy
Neeraj Lotus flower, To illuminate, Irradiate 8 Boy
Neeresh Suggest meaning 11 Boy
Neev Basic, Foundation 1 Boy
Neil Acquirer, Earner, Blue, Sapphire, The mynah bird, Gaelic, Cloud, Passionate 22 Boy
Nemi Dasaratha, Another name of dashratha, Father of Lord Rama) 5 Boy
Nera Amrit or nectar or pure water, Part of God, Water, Juice, Liquor 2 Boy
Nesar The Sun 3 Boy
Nethru Eyes 5 Boy
Netik Excellent, The best 5 Boy
Nevid Best wishes, Offering to God 9 Boy
Nevil New town 8 Boy
Neymish Inside viewer, Wink, Transient 3 Boy
Nidhin Precious 4 Boy
Nidhip Treasure Lord 6 Boy
Nidish Lord of treasure, Lord Ganesh giver of wealth 9 Boy
Nigam Vedic text, Teaching, Town, Victory 8 Boy
Nihaar Mist, Fog, Dew 6 Boy
Nihanth Joyful; Never Ending 11 Boy
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