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Rashi :
Tula (R, T)
Nakshatra :
Poorva Phalguni (Mo, Ta, Ti, Te)
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Similar names for Tareena

Name Meaning Numerology
Darren From araines 6
Darun Hard male Hindu 22
Dhaaran Keeping; Protecting 11
Dharan 1
Dharun Supporting; Another name for Brahma; Upholding 3
Dheeran Achiever; Devoted 1
Dhiran Achiever; Devoted 9
Dhiren One who is strong 4
Dhrona Teacher of Arjun in Hindu epic 'Mahabharata' 6
Dron Prominent Mahabharata character; Guide; Saviour; Learned sage and teacher from the Mahabharata 6
Drona The teacher Drona 7
Drona  The teacher Drona; Guide; Savior 7
Droon Respectable 3
Taran Raft; Heaven; Thunder; Earth; Another name for Vishnu; Rose; Another name for Vishnu 9
Tareena 1
Taroon Connection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle 11
Tarun Connection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle 2
Teeran Brave; Wielder of the arrow 3
Trijna All-knowing; Divine; Sage; A Buddha 9
Turan Brave 2
Turanyu Swift 3
Turhan Of mercy 1