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Princess Iranian; Dear child Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Alaina

Name Meaning Numerology
Alaina Princess Iranian; Dear child 2
Alan Little rock; Handsome 1
Alayna Princess Iranian; Dear child 9
Aleena Beautiful; Silk of Heaven 2
Alhena A ring; A star in the constellation gemini 5
Alhina A ring 9
Alina Beautiful; Silk of Heaven 1
Aline 5
Alyaan Handsome; Tall; Gentleman 9
Aolani Cloud from heaven 7
Eilin Champion; Lovable 4
Elena Excellent; Brilliant; Champion; Defender of men 1
Eleni Brilliant; Sun's rays 9
Elina Pure; Intelligent; Brilliant; God is my light 5
Elna Longing; Cherished; Desired 5
Ilana Tree 1
Ilena Bright; Shining 5
Ilina Very intelligent 9
Yalina Soft; Gentle 8
Yalinee Goddess Saraswati; Melodious 8
Yalini Goddess Saraswati; Melodious 7
Yuliana Youthful; Soft Bearded; Youth; A 4th Century Saint who was Martyr 11

Variant names for name Alaina

Name Numerology
Alaina 2