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Limitless; Protector; Defendant; Central Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Aasima

Name Meaning Numerology
Aasima Limitless; Protector; Defendant; Central 8
Aasimah Protector; Defendant; Central 7
Aasma Sky; Excellent; Precious 8
Aasmaa Sky; Excellent; Precious 9
Aasmi I am, Self-confident 7
Aseema Limitless; Protector; Infinite; Boundless 8
Asima Limitless; Protector; Infinite; Boundless 7
Asma Sky; Excellent; Precious; Prestige 7
Asmaa Sky; Excellent; Precious; Prestige 8
Asmee I am, Self-confident 7
Asmiya Diamond 5
Azeema Brave, Strong and Courageous; Great; Determination; Firm will 6
Azeemah Great 5
Azima Determined action 5
Azma The greatness; Blessing of Allah 5
Azmi Extremly wise 22
Isma Charm; Grace; Kindness 6
Izma Higher position; Esteemed privilege & honor 22
Izumi Water Spring 6
Usaimah Old Arabic name 9
Usaymah Old Arabic name 7
Uzma Greatest 7
Wasama Beauty; Gracefulness; Cultured; A pretty face; Beautiful 4
Waseema Beautiful; Pretty; Charming; Graceful 22
Waseemah Comely; Graceful; Pretty 3
Wasima Beautiful; Pretty; Charming; Graceful 3
Wasimah Comely; Graceful; Pretty 11
Wasma Beauty; Gracefulness; Cultured; A pretty face; Beautiful 3
Yasim Jasmine 22
Yusma Beautiful 7

Variant names for name Aasima

Name Numerology
Aashima 7