Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Smile'

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aakruti Shape; Structure 9 Girl
Aasmaa Sky; Excellent; Precious 9 Girl
Ambereen Fragrance; Amber; Sky 9 Girl
Archishmathi Daughter of Brihaspati 9 Girl
Askini Daughter of Prajapati Virat (Daughter of Prajapati Virat) 9 Girl
Aysha Love; Living; Prosperous; Life (The Name of wife of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) 9 Girl
Ayushmati One who has a long life 9 Girl
Az-Zahra Excellent and smart 9 Girl
Basma Smile 9 Girl
Brahmattmika Daughter of Brahma (Daughter of Brahma) 9 Girl
Chaheti Lovely; Lovable for all 9 Girl
Devahuti Daughter of Manu (Daughter of Maalik bin Amr al adwaniyah) 9 Girl
Drishyana Daughter of the Sun 9 Girl
Duhita Daughter 9 Girl
Eila The Earth; Cardamom tree; Daughter of Manu; Moonlight; Turpentine tree; Terebinth tree 9 Girl
Ela The Earth; Cardamom tree; Daughter of Manu; Moonlight; Turpentine tree; Terebinth tree 9 Girl
Fakhira Excellent; Glorious 9 Girl
Firaki Fragrance 9 Girl
Gandhara Fragrance 9 Girl
Girija Born of a mountain, Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Himalaya 9 Girl
Hamnah The narrator of Hadith; Daughter of Jahsh Al-asdiyah (The daughter of Jahsh al-asd) 9 Girl
Hansanandini Daughter of a swan 9 Girl
Jahan Ara Adorning the world daughter; Queen of the world 9 Girl
Jahanara Adorning the world daughter; Queen of the world 9 Girl
Jashwitha Smile 9 Girl
Jasvitha Smile 9 Girl
Jeevika Water; Source of life; Livelihood; Life giving 9 Girl
Jeevita Life 9 Girl
Juni Lovable 9 Girl
Khushboo Perfume; Fragrance 9 Girl
Khushbu Perfume; Fragrance 9 Girl
Laasyavi A smile of Goddess Lalita 9 Girl
Liesha Life; Woman 9 Girl
Mythilli Goddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila 9 Girl
Nashita Energetic and full of life 9 Girl
Omysha Smile; Goddess of birth & death 9 Girl
Praanvi Forgiveness; Goddess of life; Maa Parvati 9 Girl
Radnya Daughter of king 9 Girl
Ranjitha Colorful and charming face; Smile 9 Girl
Rayia Property; Treasure; Fragrance; Breeze 9 Girl
Samika Loving and kind; Love attention but can be shy; Very beautiful; Peaceful; Peaceful 9 Girl
Sardha Goddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati; Faith; Grace 9 Girl
Shamailah Good traits excellent disposition 9 Girl
Shamitaa Peacemaker; Who is calm and disciplined; Peaceful; Calmed; Prepared 9 Girl
Shanta Peaceful; Calm 9 Girl
Sharoon Sweet; Fragrance; Honey 9 Girl
Shlaghya Excellent 9 Girl
Shumaylah The First Woman in Islam who wore Colored Garments was Shumaylah; Wife of Al-Abbas and She was also the First to Prepare Perfume; Daughter of Ali Bin Ibrahim,  she was a Narrator of Hadith (The first woman in Islam who wore colored garments, Wife of al-abbas and she was also the first to prepare perfume, Again the daughter of Ali bin Ibrahim was a narrator of Hadith) 9 Girl
Smiral To remember; Precious; Lovable person 9 Girl
Sreekanya Daughter of Goddess Lakshmi 9 Girl
Sriya Goddess Laxmi; Best; Beautiful; Excellent; Prosperity 9 Girl
Taanaya Daughter; Born of the body 9 Girl
Tabasumm A flower; Sweet smile; Blossoming 9 Girl
Thulasi Sacred plant; A sacred plant (Basil); Unmatched; Unique; A sacred leaf thought to be the incarnation of Mahalakshmi 9 Girl
Viva Full of life 9 Girl
Vritika Success in life; Thought 9 Girl
Yadhana Smile 9 Girl
Zoeya Life 9 Girl
Zubaidah Excellent (Name of the wife of caliph Harun al Rashid) 9 Girl
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