Indian Girl Names Having Meaning 'Glorious'

Total 30 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Glorious'    
Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Sobha Beautiful; Attractive 9 Girl
Majida Glorious; Praiseworthy 2 Girl
Fakhri Honorary; Glorious; Proud 8 Unisex
Panya Admired; Glorious; Excellent 3 Girl
Daxa Clever; Glorious; Brave; God Gift; Excellent 3 Girl
Bimbi Glorious 8 Girl
Shruta Lyrics; Musical notes; Known; Glorious; Celebrated 6 Girl
Yashasvini Victorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful 1 Girl
Yashmitha Famous or glorious 5 Girl
Yasasvini Victorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful 11 Girl
Dajshi Glorious 6 Girl
Yashmita Famous or glorious 6 Girl
Dyumna Glorious 6 Girl
Farnaz Splendid; Glorious 3 Girl
Majeeda Glorious; Praiseworthy 3 Girl
Yesasri Famous; Glorious 6 Girl
Maznah Glorious 9 Girl
Fakhira Excellent; Glorious 9 Girl
Yashaswini Victorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful 11 Girl
Yeshaswini Victorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful 6 Girl
Yasmita Famous or glorious 7 Girl
Chandalini Glorious 3 Girl
Yashneil Famous; Glorious; Successful 3 Girl
Aatreyi Glorious; Able to cross the three worlds 7 Girl
Jasjeet Glorious victory 7 Girl
Jusmeet Glorious friend 3 Girl
Jusjeet Glorious victory 9 Girl
Qudsiyah Glorious; Sacred 5 Girl
Majidah Glorious; Noble; Respected 1 Girl
Majdiya Glorious 9 Girl
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