Meaning, Gender, Rashi and Nakshatra of the name Ivy



Meaning :
Gender :
Numerology :
Syllables :
Religion :
Rashi :
Mesha (A, L, E, I, O)
Nakshatra :
Krithika (A, Ee, U, EA, I, E)
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No variant names found for name: Ivy

Name Numerology

Similar names for Ivy

Name Meaning Numerology
Aafa Forgiver 9
Aafia Good health 9
Aafiya Good health 7
Aafiyah Healthy 6
Aahva Beloved 6
Aauf Awf guest, Fragrance, Lion 11
Aavi 6
Aavya First rays of Sun, Gift of God 5
Afia Vigor, Good health 8
Afiyah Health, Free from illness and grief 5
Afya Shadows 6
Aifa Smart 8
Ava Voice, Call 6
Avaya To arrive, To inform 5
Avi The Sun and air 5
Avya The first life form all knowledgeable and all pure 4
Avyaya Lord Shiv 3
Eva Life, Living one, Variant of eve, In the bible eve was adams wife and the first woman 1
Iffah Purity, Modesty 3
Ivy A creeper 2
Ovais A companion of the prophet (Saw) 3
Ovi Holy message of marathi saint 1
Ovia Painting 2
Oviya Artist, Beautiful drawing 9
Wafa Faithfulness 4
Wafaa The faithful, Loyal 5
Wafai Associated with faithfulness 22
Wafi Faithful, Loyal 3
Wafia Faithful, Loyal 22
Wafiya Loyal, Faithful 11
Wafiyah Loyal, Faithful 1
Yafi A narrator of Hadith 5
Yafiah High 5
Yahvi Heaven, Earth 11
Yauva Young, Teenager 7
Yuva Young 6
Yuvi Young lady 5



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