Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Rich'

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Raees Rich, Wealthy, Chief, Captain 3 Boy
Ghani Rich, Wealthy, Prosperous 3 Boy
Rais Rich, Wealthy, Chief, Captain 2 Boy
Anav Ocean, King, Rich, Generous, Kind, Humane 11 Boy
Lavish Rich 8 Boy
Hameer Wealthy king, A Raga 5 Boy
Hamir Wealthy king, A Raga 4 Boy
Amir Ruler, Prince, Rich, Prosperous 5 Boy
Ameer Ruler, Prince, Rich, Prosperous 6 Boy
Vigash Rich gem 3 Boy
Rayees Rich 1 Boy
Amer Ruler, Prince, Rich, Prosperous 1 Boy
Yasra Affluent, Rich, Prosperous 1 Boy
Cheliyan Rich, Resourceful, Prosperous 5 Boy
Sudhan Very rich 22 Boy
Rithin Rich; Victor in Wars 6 Boy
Sabhrant Rich 11 Boy
Yashodhan Rich in fame 5 Boy
Dhanaji Rich 11 Boy
Zaryab Rich, Wealthy 1 Boy
Raheesh Leader, Chief, Rich 1 Boy
Rajatanabhi Very rich, Lord Vishnu 4 Boy
Raees Ahmed Rich, Wealthy, Chief 7 Boy
Dhaneshvar God of wealth 1 Boy
Sharief Rich 3 Boy
Viswanathan God of the universe, Worlds owner or rich 6 Boy
Vasupati Rich Man 1 Boy
Maandhan Rich in honour, Honourable 11 Boy
Viswanath God of the universe, Worlds owner or rich 9 Boy
Viswanatha God of universe, Worlds owner or rich 1 Boy
Al-Ghani The rich, The independent 7 Boy
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