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Indian Boy Names Having Meaning 'Grace'

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Add to Fav
Nit Favor, Grace 7 Boy
Kian Grace of God, Ancient or distant 8 Boy
Aarul Grace of God, Blessing of God 8 Boy
Arul Grace of God, Blessing of God 7 Boy
Raunaq Beauty, Grace, Glamour 9 Boy
Daiwik By the grace of God, Divine, Relating to the gods 3 Boy
Ronaq Beauty, Grace, Glamour 11 Boy
Fazal Accomplished, Bountiful grace 1 Boy
Fazl Favor, Grace, Kindness 9 Boy
Ronav One who embodies grace and charm, Aka. handsome 7 Boy
Lavnya Beauty, Grace 3 Boy
Charish Grace 3 Boy
Vilash Entertainment, Faithful, Brilliant, Active, Liveliness, Enjoyment, Playful, Grace, Attractive 8 Boy
Kiaan Grace of God, Ancient or distant (Celebrity Name: Karishma Kapoor) 9 Boy
Lavanya Grace, Beauty 22 Unisex
Aeshan In gods grace 3 Boy
Enayat Grace, Kindness, Blessing 3 Boy
Minnah Kindness, Grace, Blessing 5 Unisex
Ivyaan Grace of God, Lord Shiva 9 Boy
Karmdeep Lamp of the god, grace 1 Boy
Anidev Favor, Grace 1 Boy
Anukampa Grace of God 6 Unisex
Zainuddin Grace of the religion (Islam) 3 Boy
Arul Kannan Gods grace, Gods blessing 8 Boy
Gurveen Gurus grace 11 Boy
Hardayal One on whom there is gods grace, Gods mercy 7 Boy
Gurdial One blessed with gurus grace 9 Boy
Harmehar Gods grace 9 Boy
Hemwant Full of gods grace 3 Boy
Karampal The keeper of gods grace 1 Boy
Sabahat Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness 7 Unisex
Harwant Full of gods grace 4 Boy
Hardial One on whom there is gods grace, Gods mercy 8 Boy
Sukhmehar Peaceful through gods grace 5 Boy
Karamdeep The light of gods grace 11 Boy
Jasneet Good intentions rewarded with gods grace 2 Boy
Samprasad Favour, Grace 11 Boy
Karampreet The lover of gods grace 9 Boy
Harkirpal Bestowed with God grace 4 Boy
Prabsharan In gods grace 8 Boy
Karamleen Absorbed in gods grace 8 Boy
Karampaul Protector of gods grace 4 Boy
Mehartek Taking support of gods grace 9 Boy
Naeemullah Grace of Allah, Bliss of all 11 Boy
Gurbakhsh Blessed with gurus grace 5 Boy
Guramar Immortal by the grace of the Guru 7 Boy
Karamprem Lover of gods grace 6 Boy
Karamroop Embodiment of gods grace 9 Boy
Fayzul Haq Grace of the truth i.e. Allah 9 Boy
Karamwant Full of gods grace 3 Boy
Prabhkirpal Gods grace 4 Boy
Uttamkaram Exalted grace 11 Boy
Fasih Ur Rahman Eloquent by grace of Rahman 11 Boy
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